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  • 18 in built-in dishwasher
  • Energy Saver Dry options dries without heat
  • 2-4 hour delay start options cleans dishes on your cycle
  • China/Crystal cycle provides an incredibly gentle wash by reducing water pressure by 30%
  • High temperature for extra sterilization
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Amazon Review by mtmomof5 :star::star::star::star::star:

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Love our dishwasher family of 5

We purchased the BLACK model just before Christmas. I have to say I didn't have big expectations for a little dishwasher. However, I'm completely amazed at how well this dishwasher cleans. To the person who said it just wets the dishes....maybe you're not using the rinse aid? Or perhaps your water pressure or something isn't right. All of our dishes come out sparkly clean! We are a family of five. So after we unload the dishes in the morning, I put the dishwasher on 2 or 4 hr delay. Then everyone can load dishes for the morning on and off, and the dishwasher will start itself before lunch. Then we unload it before supper, and again set the 4 hr delay. We can load more dishes until we go to bed. Then it starts on it's own sometime after we're off to bed. I started off using the Finish brand tablets, but decided that was probably too much detergent. Bought a liquid phosphate free dishwasher soap and a generic rinse aid. The dishes are still just as shiny. Purchased ours from a popular online auction site with a 3 year complete replacement warranty for much less than advertised here total. Also, the same person that said it doesn't clean also mentioned the silverware sorting holes in the basket not allowing odd shaped silverware. The part with the holes easily detaches so you don't have to use it unless you want to use it. The basket, itself, has square sections just like any dishwasher. There's also a flip rack on the top shelf that you can flip down to lay big utensils over top of the cups and bowls. You can't go wrong with this dishwasher. A good deal for those that are short on space.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: 18 In. Built-In Dishwasher - Stainless Steel


Walmart Review by BuffaloRose :star::star::star::star::star:

Just Right

Have had this dishwasher about a month. It looks great and has replaced anther 18" frigediare dishwasher that was about 7 years old. I hope 'this one will last a bit longer. glad to be able to find an affordable dishwasher that fits my space.

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: 18 In. Built-In Dishwasher - Stainless Steel


@liesbeth not sure


Best Buy Review by Chicagoremodel :star::star::star::star::star:


With 18" dishwashers in stainless steel there are not too many choices out there! This one was more expensive then most but its a brand name you can trust.

Bestbuy.com - Customer Reviews: 18 In. Built-In Dishwasher - Stainless Steel


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