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  • THREE DRIVERS- these headphones have two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver. Together they deliver an extremely accurate listening experience with unsurpassed dynamic power and clarity from deep bass to sizzling highs.
  • TUNED BY A GRAMMY AWARD WINNING SOUND ENGINEER- 1MORE collaborated with internationally acclaimed producer, mixer, and sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist’s intended sound.
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN- the oblique angled ear fittings naturally match your ear canals. 9 sets of included ear tip sizes ensure a proper fit for all. They’re more comfortable and less likely to fall out, freeing you to enjoy your music.
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROL TECHNOLOGY- in-line remote control is compatible with iphone, iPad and Android, allowing you to conveniently control volume, select songs, and take calls. Superior MEMS microphone has independently set ground wires to eliminate cross-talk and background static.
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Amazon Review by Gordie Lachance :star::star::star::star::star:

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Hear hear!

LOVE. THESE. BUDS. Here's the thing. You ever go on a wine tasting? I did it once. I was surrounded by people swishing it around in their mouths saying things like, "Ooooo this has earthy tones of soil and aged manure really hitting the back pallete" or "I feel like the fruitiness is overbearing and I prefer a more subtle chocolatey almond that was allowed to breathe over a bed of charcoal dust for at least 972 hours." And I'm like, "It tastes good". Or. "This tastes like the inside of the septic tank on Satan's Winnebago." I feel the same way about "audiophiles" that I do "wine tasters" when it comes to headphone reviews. I'll probably even get crap for calling em "headphones". Someone's going to tell you your ears aren't "sophisticated" enough and that their ear canals were crafted from unicorn hair gently melted together with Ray Charles' cremated ashes. But I'll just tell you this: these are the best pair of $100 buds I've tried. Why? Because they sound awesome. Why else? Because I've tried other more "name brands" and spent twice this (or more) and the sound is equivalent, sometimes better. If Audiophile McEgotrip wants to tell you your opinion is invalid because you don't possess his/her "trained ear", might I suggest reaching into your pocket and pulling out a middle finger. "Quality" is defined by the ears that are listening, and if you love the quality, then there's nothing more to say. Enjoy the music. Try these 1More Triple Driver buds. I'll probably get a bunch of "not helpful" votes from all the Barry & Dick clones from the movie High Fidelity, and that's fine. But while they're all standing in line waiting to ride the High Horse, I'm over here eating a Creamsicle on a hammock with Miles Davis penetrating my soul through a pair of incredibly high quality earbuds that I didn't need to forego paying this month's rent to acquire. In Music We Trust. Cheers, folks. ;)

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