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3.6 out of 5
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    :star::star::star::halfstar::emptystar: by 7 customers
    3.6 out of 5


  • PURPOSE: Explore immersive mobile virtual reality (VR) experiences that are the next best thing to being there - the footage syncs with your smartphone’s accelerometer and moves as you move, putting you at the center of all the action
  • INTERACTIVE: Transform any 360fly 360-degree video footage - vacations, family events, action sports - into an interactive viewing experience
  • COMPATIBLE: Compatible with iPhones, Android phones and most any 4.5 - 6 inch smartphones.
  • EASE OF USE: Simply snap your smartphone in the headset and start exploring
  • DURABILITY: Made with durable materials and a comfortable design that outperform standard cardboard players, goggles and headsets
  • IDEAL USES: Reliving all your favorite memories in ways video alone can’t match
  • IN THE BOX: Mobile virtual reality (VR) headset
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good product but not great

The quality looks good but I had two issues. The nose piece had to be made larger to fit different shaped faces but this also meant for smaller nose is a lot of light pierced through which is distracting. There should be a soft cushion (as there is around the border for the face) that would have shut out the light around the nose. It also did not fit my iPhone 6 Plus. Which means I had to manually hold it and now I have to figure out a way to retrofit and already expensive item that doesn't fit all types of iPhones.

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360Fly Could Do For VR What GoPro Did For Action Cameras