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3.9 out of 5
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    3.9 out of 5


  • Fully assembled- plug and play
  • Print up to 5 in. cubed
  • Accurate output down to 0.15mm
  • Auto platform leveling
  • Auto nozzle height detection
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Amazon Review by M. Fincher :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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I do not recommend buying this printer until UP/Afinia fix the controller board ...

In short: I do not recommend buying this printer until UP/Afinia fix the controller board issue.


  1. The Afinia H480 uses one of the best linear actuators on the market. It is stable and gives solid prints.
  2. Because the nozzle runs hotter than most printers, one can use the cheaper Afinia ABS filament without the heated bed working at all, and still get decent prints. (My heated bed did not work on my first Afinia H480. I printed several objects just fine before returning the unit)
  3. This is a solid Printer, with one exception, that produces surprisingly good models. I just cannot recommend it.


  1. There is really only one con this unit has. The controller board is garbage. (IMO)
  2. First, I purchased an UP Plus 2. It worked for a week before the controller board died. I called UP and they told me I would have to send them the unit or return it for a refund through Amazon. (I refunded it)
  3. Second, I purchased an Afinia H480. The heated bed did not work out of the box. It was a motherboard issue according to Afinia. I printed a handful of prints that were pretty good. But in the end, I need it to work as designed. (I sent it back)
  4. Third, I purchased another Afinia H480. It did not work out of the box. I received a memory card error message every time I tried to send a model to the printer to print. Once again a controller board problem. (I sent it back the day I received it.)

Bottom line:
This really is an excellent printer. I have worked with linear actuators for over 15 years. The technology UP/Afinia is using is exactly what they should be using. The problem is the controller board. They are not reliable. Three out of three units were bad. They either did not work out of the box, or portions of them stopped working within a week.

If UP/Afinia were to fix the problem and create a reliable controller board, this would be the 3D printer to get. But as it is, don’t bother.

If you don’t heed my advice, at least do this. If any part of the unit stops working within the first month, return it for your money back or a replacement. Don’t get stuck swapping boards on the unit for the rest of the year. It only has a year warranty. - Customer Reviews: AFINIA H480 3D Printer