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  • Mover/Dryer can be used to dry multiple surfaces: carpet, walls, floors, cabinets, etc.
  • Ideal for use at construction sites/warehouses/worksites and workshops.
  • Features include a 3 position stand: level, 45 degree and 90 degree
  • Comes with a heavy duty 25’ cable. Also has 3 speed settings for air flow
  • This high impact roto molded polyethylene plastic housing contains a heavy duty motor, which is quiet and long lasting, designed for outdoor use.
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Amazon Review by Zillalator :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Great for the price

Cons: 1. Description clearly states: "Large 1 HP motor delivers 4000 CFMs". The horsepower part is correct, but the included "manual" (a single small sheet of paper) states that while the motor is 1HP, it only delivers a max airflow of 3600 CFM. So be aware of that - it is 400 CFM short of advertised, per the specs in the manual.


  1. Good price
  2. Great packaging: comes in a box, sandwiched between two pieces of styrofoam. Cut open the box, remove one of the styrofoam blocks, and pull it out. The cord is wrapped in plastic, just slice that open & peel it off. Done. Ready to go out of the box in about a minute, no unboxing headaches.
  3. Built-in carrying handle & not too heavy (under 45 pounds)
  4. Velcro around the exhaust port (for securing accessories or creating a floor mount to prevent torque movement)
  5. Measured max speed output at 74.5 MPH at the exhaust port with my wind meter.
  6. Surprisingly, not a horribly noisy system. Loud, yes (from moving air at nearly 75 MPH @ 3600 CFM), but annoying no, which is a pleasant surprise given the affordable price.
  7. Runs on a standard 3-prong 120V AC jack, no special connection required. Includes a built-in 25-foot extension cable.

Great for drying rooms, windtunnel science projects, as a movie-making special effects tool (blowing people’s hair, fall leaves, etc. across a camera frame), or as a crazy-awesome leaf blower. Here is a transcription of the “manual”:

MODE: AM4000a

  1. Motor Power: 1 HP
  2. Voltage: 110-120V
  3. Frequency: 60 Hz
  4. Phase: Single
  5. R.P.M: 1150/1350/1550
  6. Amps: 8.2A/9.3A/11A
  7. Max Presssure: 3.2 Inch
  8. Max Air Flow: 3600 CFM
  9. Cable: 16 Gauge
  10. Speed Control: 3 Speeds
  11. Weight: 43 Lbs/19.5kgs
  12. Packing Size: 20.7" * 17.2" * 19.5" / 52.5cm X 43.6cm X 49.5cm
  13. Warranty: 1 Year For Motor, Five Years For Plastic Housing
    11818 165th Street Norwalk, CA 90650
    Toll Free: (877) 881-FOXX (3699)
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Walmart Review by Aircraftguy :star::star::star::star::star:

Great purchase!!

Great pricefor a quality machin. - Customer Reviews: Air Foxx Model AM3450a - 3/4HP Air Mover/Dryer


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