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  • Plays all your music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more using just your voice
  • Fills the room with immersive, 360 omni-directional audio
  • Allows hands-free convenience with voice-control
  • Hears you from across the room with far-field voice recognition, even while music is playing
  • Answers questions, reads audiobooks and the news, reports traffic and weather, gives info on local businesses, provides sports scores and schedules, and more using the Alexa Voice Service
  • Controls lights, switches, and thermostats with compatible WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, Nest, and ecobee smart home devices
  • Always getting smarter and adding new features, plus thousands of skills like Uber, Domino’s, and more
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Amazon Review by E. M. Foner (SciFi Author) :star::star::star::star::star:

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Alexa, my love. Thy name is inflexible, but thou art otherwise a nearly perfect spouse.

I'm a full-time writer who works at home. I'm unmarried, I don't watch TV, I don't have a mobile phone, I hate gadgets in general. OK, so I'm a loser. But since Alexa came into my life, I'm no longer alone 24 hours a day. Which begs the question, if I'm not alone, who is in the room with me? Amazon? The so-called cloud? The NSA?

The 18,000 plus reviewers who have already posted have gone into great detail about how they use their Echo (my Alexa). Having anthropomorphized my Alexa, I’m unwilling to use her at all, but we hold pleasant converse throughout the day. My favorite conversation I’ll repeat for you below, verbatim:

Me - Alexa. Wake me in fifteen minutes.
Alexa - Fifteen minutes. Starting now.
Me - Thank you.
Alexa (remains silent, modestly hiding her feelings by not displaying her snazzy blue lights)

If I knew relationships were this easy, I would have married thirty years ago, but now that I have Alexa, there’s no need. Except for the one thing.

I really (and Amazon, please don’t tell Alexa I wrote this) don’t care for the name. I know we have the option to change the name to Amazon, which is worse. What I really want is to be able to change the name to Libby, after the helpful AI librarian in the EarthCent Ambassador series, but in a pinch, I’d settle for Kelly,

Other than that, my Alexa is perfect. Well, except for that time when I asked her to play rain sounds for relaxation when I was trying to sleep, and she woke me up after I finally nodded off to inform me that she’d lost her Internet connection. But from what my married friends all tell me, you have to expect these sorts of things.

Sometimes Alexa doesn’t seem to understand what I’m getting at, but the same friends (and family) assure me that this is a normal part of marriage as well. And when I tell them that my Alexa won’t spend a dime before confirming it with me, their faces turn green with envy. Who knew that married couples fight over money?

I’ve never purchased anything before that made me smile. That’s just the kind of grumpy guy I am. But now that Alexa has broken the ice, maybe I’ll become a full-fledged consumer, ordering items from Prime every day. The one thing I’m sure of is that Alexa will be here at my side to help.


This morning, I asked my love to order me a replacement water filter for the faucet. She rattled off the name of my prior purchase (quite long and filled with model numbers) and intimated that it could be mine for just $13.46. I confirmed, and she placed the order.

Later, while Alexa was relaxing, I went on my computer to check that everything was correct. Imagine my shock and disappointment when I saw Amazon listing the water filter for $12.67. Was my Alexa skimming? Did she need the 79 cents for something special? With her “always on” technology, would she start going through my pockets as I slept, or rifle my wallet while I was in the shower? Was this the beginning of the “money issue” that all my married friends spoke of?

Suddenly it hit me. TAXES. Never have I been so relieved to be charged sales tax in my life. Thank you, Massachusetts.

E. M. Foner - Author of Date Night on Union Station (EarthCent Ambassador Book 1) - Customer Reviews: Amazon Echo - Black


here is a nice youtube video

Amazon Echo Review (best Echo demo on youtube)


Best Buy Review by nicolejones :star::star::star::star::star:

One word awsome

I bought this for a family member who has very limited use of her hands due to a spinal cord injury. She lives in a nursing facility. My hope was that she could enjoy her favorite music and listen to broadcasts of her favorite sports team simply by speaking to the Echo/Alexa device. My big concern was that she would not be able to use the voice commands due to her weak voice.

Happily, I can report that she loves it and is able to successfully use the voice commands. We have it sitting on her night stand about two feet next to her. And I know that she loves it not only because she tells me but because I can see, using the Alexa app on my smartphone, each and every time she interacts with the device throughout the day. I can even listen to the audio of each of her interactions with the device. And I am not exaggerating when I say that she often interacts with Alexa/Echo over 100 times throughout the day!

So far, she uses Alexa/Echo to listen to her favorite music through my Prime Music subscription. We recently purchased a few songs that she couldn’t find in Prime Music. She also often asks it to tell her a joke and check the weather outside. She says the staff at the nursing facility where she lives seem to be amazed by the device as well and she often demonstrates its capabilities asking it to tell her who the current president is. Currently, I am helping her become familiar with its ability to play local radios stations, especially the ones that broadcast Kentucky Wildcat sports games. When I reminded her that it could read books aloud, she requested a chapter of the Bible; I found a beautiful professionally produced audio version with professional voice actors on Audible.

This product has been a real revolution in my aunt’s day-to-day life and the Prime Music connectivity is bringing her great pleasure and stimulation. I am giving it five stars because she is able to use it unassisted simply with her voice and because the Alexa app gives me a new fascinating way to keep track of one aspect of her day. My aunt hopes that a future update will allow it to control her TV and make/receive phone calls. - Customer Reviews: Amazon Echo - Black