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  • Amazon Fire TV supports 4K Ultra HD for true-to-life picture quality. Watch high-definition 1080p streams on Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and more, even without a 4K TV.
  • Enjoy over 7,000 apps, games, and Alexa skills including access to over 300,000 TV episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, Hulu, and more.
  • Launch and control content with the included Alexa Voice Remote. Simply say, “Play Game of Thrones” or “Launch Netflix” and Alexa will respond instantly. Plus, play music, find movie show times, order a pizza, and more-just ask.
  • No cable or satellite? No problem. Watch the best of live TV and sports from AMC, HGTV, ESPN, FOX, and others with a subscription to Sling TV, or top-rated primetime shows with CBS All Access.
  • Find the best way to watch with universal search results from over 100 channels and apps including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video
  • Now with 75% more processing power, a dedicated graphics engine, better Wi-Fi support, 2 GB of memory, 8 GB of storage and expandable storage of up to 200 GB
  • Prime members get unlimited access to Prime Video, featuring thousands of movies and TV episodes at no additional cost. Plus, members can add over 90 premium and specialty channels like HBO and SHOWTIME-no cable or satellite subscription necessary.
  • Play current favorites or quickly discover what to watch next directly from the Home screen.
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Amazon Review by Natalya the Spy :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Geared towards Prime content

Hey Alexa, Hey Alexa - Night and day it's Hey Alexa. Make the fire, fix the breakfast, Wash the dishes, do the mopping!

Ok, so I haven’t figured out how to make Alexa clean my house like Cinderella…yet. But I’m working on it. In the meantime, I have figured out that she is much more than a glorified alarm clock or DJ. Although, you should know that alarms are “not currently supported on this device,” like they are on the Echo. This is a more basic version of Alexa. It doesn’t have her full functionality.

I’m not sure what the target demographic for this product is, but I am a professional female in my early thirties, who is in a committed relationship. That is a nice way of saying that my partying days are behind me and my boyfriend and I spend a lot of time binge watching stuff on the sofa. Yes. We are suburban couch potatoes. No shame here. Also, I am an Amazon Prime member, but do not have a 4k TV.

I used to have a Roku that I used for Netflix and Hulu. However, I was more interested in free shipping, so I moved to Prime and got a Fire TV Stick when it was offered for $19.99. For me the stick is a glorified HDMl cable. You could get the same benefits by connecting your laptop to your TV. It’s less cumbersome, but that’s about it. I wanted it because it said it could mirror your device’s screen onto your TV. It didn’t explain clearly enough that the only “device” it could do that with was a Kindle (although this has since changed and can now be done). That is why I didn’t order the Echo when it came out. It sounded cool but I couldn’t figure out what it actually did. Since then, my father got one for my mother, who had a stroke, and it is awesome. The Echo is very cool, but it is also an incredibly useful tool, particularly for those with a physical disability or technology aversion.

So now having experienced the fire stick and the program for the Echo (which is called Alexa), I was actually excited to see a device that combined the two.

As for the device itself, it is 10 oz, 4.5" wide, 4.5" long, and 5/8" thick. The remote is 6" long, 1.5" wide, 1/2" thick and weighs 2.5 oz. It connects via HDMI cable (not included) and plugs into a wall power outlet. It comes with its own special cord; it doesn’t use a universal microUSB like the Fire Stick does. So, the Fire TV isn’t big, but it isn’t as portable as the stick, and you better not lose the cord. However, it beats out the stick in every other category, and it is plug and play, so you can take it anywhere you want.

It connects quickly and easily to your Prime account because Amazon sends it to you already setup with the information. So, if you are buying it as a gift, you need to specify that while you are checking out. However, during the set up process it does give you the option to change the account associated with the device. The problem is that your account is preloaded (if you don’t specify it is a gift) and it doesn’t require a password during set up. You can set up Amazon FreeTime on it, though, so you don’t have to worry about your kids making unauthorized purchases or overusing it.

As for HD quality, it does provide a slightly better picture on my 5 year old Panasonic plasma than the stick does. I suspect it would improve more with newer TVs. Also, it does process tasks faster than my Fire Stick, both of which are connected to Verizon Fios via Wifi. The surround sound (Dolby) is great with anything Prime, but Netflix and other apps don’t support surround sound.

However, the best part is definitely Alexa and the voice activated remote. You can say things like, “Alexa, show me comedic movies.” It will take you to a list of comedies. You can access anything on the box, such as games and apps, but it is also a virtual search engine. You can ask, “What is the overnight weather forecast for San Diego, CA?” It will both tell you and show you on the screen. It hasn’t figured out how to open my Watchlist yet. It processes the command properly, but takes me to the wrong place.

It is fast, it is responsive, and best of all it is accurate. Accuracy is an issue with most of these voice operated items. There is a learning curve, but Alexa rarely gets mixed up or confused once she figures you out. There is definitely a period of time when it’s almost like talking to an elderly patient who didn’t bring their hearing aid to the hospital with them (I’m a nurse). “You think I’m too hairy?!” “No. I said to play Katy Perry!” That kind of thing. But, Alexa is a quick learner.

Once the initial awkward dating period is over and you get to know each other better, Alexa is great with Prime Music. Say, "Alexa, play Walk like an Egyptian,’’ and she will. Prime music has no commercials, and you can listen to specific songs or even entire albums with a quick verbal command. Sometimes, Alexa is smarter than you are. I said, “Alexa, play the pop radio station.” She responded with, “Playing the Top Pop Prime Station,” and put it on. And maybe she knows that secretly you really don’t like Katy Perry that much. Prime music also scrolls the words on the screen as the song plays.

Another cool thing is that it can connect to bluetooth items. So, let’s say that you like to have peace and quiet when you sleep, but your boyfriend likes to fall asleep with the TV on. He can put on a pair of bluetooth ear buds and let you sleep. You can also project sound to bluetooth speakers, if you wanted to.

Lastly, you can finally share items from devices other than a Kindle. By saving your media to your Amazon cloud account, you can easily transfer and view them on your TV. It can supposedly mirror other devices as well, like an LG phone. But I haven’t gotten it to work with my Samsung Note Edge yet. Still working on it. And I doubt it will ever work with any Apple products, but you never know.

At this time, the gaming remote is $49.99 and isn’t being released until October 22. It can be used with the new Fire stick also and you can use more than one gaming remote with each Fire TV (so kids can play multi-player games). However, if you want to play games it is a better deal to buy the Fire TV gaming version, Which is $139.99 and includes the game controller. It is at this link. Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition Also, if you want to game, you can put up to 128gb of expandable memory in it.

The only reason I didn’t buy that version (which includes a couple of free games) is because it doesn’t also come with a regular remote. I don’t want to always have to use a giant game controller, even with Alexa doing most of the work. Although, you can use your mobile phone as a remote for the Fire TV, using the Alexa App that Amazon offers.

Please note that while Alexa works for everything offered by Amazon, and the voice commands work to take you to certain apps such as Hulu, I couldn’t get it to take me to Netflix and the apps do not yet offer voice commands once you open them.

Also please note, it does NOT come with its own HDMI cable. And although you can play games with the remote that is provided, there is an additional gaming remote that is more tailored to that purpose.

There is one thing I wish Alexa could do, but doesn’t. I wish she had the ability to make VOIP emergency calls. There are all sorts of apps now that can make phone calls. I noticed that when the Echo came out, it was a huge hit with disabled people, like my mother who had a stroke and never learned how to use electronics. It would be really nice if you could say, “Alexa, call 911” or “Alexa, call my emergency contact.” It would only have to store 911 and maybe 1-2 emergency numbers. And it could be a life saver, literally. Amazon already sends texts to your verified phone number regarding delivery. You could set the device to show your verified number as the caller ID number. You could prevent pranks or accidents by setting a code word. “Alexa, call 911, codeword: ambulance.” I think that would be amazing, but that’s just me.

If you need this mostly for Prime content, you will be very happy. You will have to wait for the updates to see if Amazon fixes the issues with the other apps. It looks like they hope to fix the surround sound issue with Netflix no later than Oct 22.

Sorry my review is practically a novel. If you were able to get through it, I hope it was useful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments. I always do my best to answer/respond. - Customer Reviews: Amazon Fire TV | Streaming Media Player


here is a youtube video

How To JAILBREAK AMAZON FIRE TV STICK with your Android Phone or Tablet (New Fire TV Jailbreak App)


Best Buy Review by YoyoThree :star::star::star::star::star:

A powerful media box

As a video streaming device, the Fire TV is great, especially if you're a Prime member. It's more powerful than most media boxes on that market especially if you're into gaming, which is where that extra juice shines.

In fact, tons of Android games play great on it. You don’t even need the optional controller for most of them. And there’s something to be said for playing Candy Crush on the big screen. But for more serious games like Grand Theft Auto, Tales from Borderlands, Modern Combat, or Knights of the Old Republic?

Really well. You might want to invest in a controller for some of them (though not all game support the controller natively so do your research!) they run very smooth, and without any noticeable frame-rate drops. Though, most Android games don’t really push the hardware anyway, so this should come as no surprise. But at the very least, this does mean you’ll be able to play top-of-the-line Android games for several years with no problem. Some apps have their own versions specifically for the Fire TV, so you’ll want to make sure to get those ones if available.

You also may be wondering what the difference is between the 2015 model, and the previous 2014 launch model. Well…not much. The newer box is capable of a 4K output whereas the older version only went up to 1080p. But since most people don’t even own 4K TVs, this feature probably won’t be too useful. That said, it is nice future-proofing, as 4K TVs become more and more standard, the Fire TV will be ready. There are smaller changes here and there, but I’m not familiar enough with the older model to say what is what.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a streaming box that in addition to offering the usual Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and (of course) Amazon, also lets you play Android games (and play them well).

It’s worth noting that you can’t access the Google Play store without rooting the system to install it first. Though, even then only a limited selection of Google Play apps is even compatible with the Fire TV (as of now) so it might not be worth the trouble, especially when Amazon usually offers comparable, if not the same exact apps anyhow. But it’s worth pointing out all the same. - Customer Reviews: Amazon Fire TV | Streaming Media Player