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  • Comfortable on-ear headphones for kids 3 and older
  • Adjustable to ensure a perfect fit
  • lightweight, colorful design
  • Volume-limiting system to ensure safe listen for kids
  • Sound output is limited to 94 dB max (similar to the volume of a noisy restaurant)
  • Universal plug for compatibility with laptops, tablets, smartphones, DVD players, and more
  • Compact design offers portable, take-along convenience
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volume limited headphones for toddler and preschool age children

These are our third pair of Amazon basics headphones but the only one made specifically for kids. The quality is decent, on par with other headphones at this price point. The sound is good, better than I expected it to be. The best thing about them to me is the volume limits, I don't have to worry about the kids damaging their hearing while using these.

This model is definitely for young kids only. The ear pieces are very small, maybe 2" across. We have seven kids and everyone passed them around to try on. They look comically small on our middle school and older elementary age kids. They’re on the small side but workable for our younger elementary kids. Who they’re just right on are our 2 and 3 year olds. Both the band and ear cups fit just right and they seem comfortable for them to wear.

This pair of headphones is a good option for parents looking for headphones for a not yet school age child. The quality is good and the Amazon basics products, in my experience, perform well. They’re a nice choice for very young children who just need something for use at home or in the car and whose parents prefer kids headphones with volume limits. For parents shopping for older, school age kids, the base model over the ear Amazon basics headphones are a good option. They’re slightly less expensive than this set but come in black only and have fit our kids starting at age 4 despite not being marketed specially for children. - Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics Volume Limited On-Ear Headphones for Kids - Blue/Green


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AmazonBasics Volume Limited On-Ear Headphones for Kids - Blue/Green


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