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  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 10 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Exclusive PowerIQ Technology: Detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 2 amps (four times faster than a computer USB port). Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge
  • High Capacity: Add almost two full charges to an iPhone 7 or 6s or at least one full charge to a 7 Plus, Galaxy S7, Nexus 5 or other smartphone. Or even an 80% charge to an iPad mini.
  • Incredibly Compact: The size of a small candy bar (3.8 1.7 0.9in, 4.2oz) it fits perfectly in your pocket. Recharges in 5 hours with a 1A adapter (not included) and the included Micro USB cable.
  • What You Get: Anker Astro E1 Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank, Micro USB Cable, travel pouch, welcome guide, our fan-favorite 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. Lightning cable for iPhone / iPad sold separately.
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Amazon Review by JJCEO :star::star::star::star::star:

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The perfect battery for your purse, pocket or backpack with an IQ port, a feature that you need!

This battery pack is ideal for your purse, pocket or backpack and it is one of the most portable batteries that I have tested. It had good test results. This is an exceptional charger with a feature that everyone needs. The feature is PowerIQ charging technology for the charging port on this battery charger. That means that you can plug in any type of device and this smart port will set the charging current to match the maximum charging rate that your device can safely handle. The port is rated at 5 VDC and up to 2 Amps but in my testing I was able to charge and Apple iPad Air at 2.1 amps.

Many people don’t realize that device manufacturers play games by wiring their devices and cables differently so that a charger that is designed to charge an Android device will not quickly charge an Apple device. Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Android devices and Chinese smart devices have different circuitry in them and if the charger doesn’t match their circuitry they can charge at a much slower rate. The IQ port doesn’t care what type of device you plug into it because it adapts its charging rate to match what the device wants by sensing what type of device is plugged into it. I was so impressed that I put together a video of the unit and the test results for your review.

The construction of this battery pack is simply beautiful. The exterior shell is glossy black. The battery weighs in at 4.23 ounces. The battery pack has one smart IQ output port that output 5 VDC at variable current to meet the charging requirements of the device you have plugged into it. It is called a Smart Port or an IQ port. It uses a chip to help select the proper current to allow the maximum safe charging current for the fastest device charging. The port can output as much as 2 amps but the battery pack in my testing output up to 2.1 Amps while charging an Apple iPad Air.

This battery pack has enough power to charge an iPhone 5S 217%. To start your devices charging connect them with the proper cable. (You will probably have to use your own charging cable that came with your device) and charging starts after you press the on button on the side of the battery. The charging will stop automatically when your device is fully charged or the battery pack is depleted.

The battery pack has 4 blue LEDs on it and when it is charging they work like this:

  • One LED blinking = less than 25%
  • One LED on and one blinking = 25 to 50%
  • Two LEDs on and one blinking = 50 to 75%
  • Three LEDs on and one blinking = 75 to 99%
  • Four LEDs on and the battery pack is fully charged

The Lithium battery can be recharged over 500 times during its life cycle. It comes with an 18 month warranty. It is recommended to charge the battery at 1 Amp and 5 VDC. It will take 5 hours to charge the battery at that charging rate. You can use your USB 2.0 port of your computer it takes 10 hours at Amp input. You can even use an AC powered USB wall charger or a USB car charger and using up to 2 amps will not hurt the battery.

The battery pack does have a power on switch to turn on the charging cycle for your device or to allow you to check the battery’s remaining power charge. .

Items in the box:

  • The battery itself
  • An USB to Micro USB charging cable that is 27 inches long

Anker 5200 mAh second generation battery pack test data:

iPhone 5S unit one 74% - battery fully charged with 4 LEDs

  • 30 minutes 96% - battery 4 LEDs

  • 50 minutes 100% - battery 4 LEDs

  • 26% x 1560 mAh = 405.6 mAh

iPhone 5S unit two 32% - battery 4 LEDs remaining

  • 30 minutes 63% - battery 3 LEDs

  • 60 minutes 91% - battery 3 LEDs

  • 90 minutes 100% - battery 3 LEDs

  • 68% x 1560 mAh = 1060.5mAh

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 at 54% - battery 3 LEDs remaining

  • 30 minutes 66% battery 2 LEDs

  • 60 minutes 77% battery 2 LEDs

  • 90 minutes 89% battery 1 LED

  • 120 minutes 97% battery dead

  • 43% x 4450 mAh = 1913.5 mAh

Summary of all items charged:

  • 405.6 mAh + 1060.8 mAh + 1913.5 mAh = 3379.9 mAh / 5200 mAh = 65% efficiency

  • This is a good result and gives this battery a 5 star rating especially after charging a larger tablet in the testing.

Device internal battery requirements:

  • iPhone 4 battery 1,420 mAh battery capacity
  • iPhone 4S battery 1,432 mAh battery capacity
  • iPhone 5 battery 1440 mAh battery capacity
  • iPhone 5S battery 1560 mAh battery capacity
  • iPad 2 battery 6,944 mAh battery capacity
  • iPad 3 battery 11,560 mAh battery capacity
  • Kindle Fire battery 4400 mAh capacity
  • Kindle Keyboard battery 1750 mAh capacity
  • iPad 4 battery is 11,486 mAh 3.7 VDC at 42.5 Wh
  • iPad Mini battery is 4490 mAh at 3.72 VDC 16.7 Wh
  • iPad Air battery is 8820 mAh capacity
  • iPad Air 2 battery is 7340 mAh capacity
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - 8 inch Tablet 4,450 mAh

As you can see the Anker 5200 mAh will not fully charge a totally dead iPad 3 or 4 because it contains only 5200 mAh of capacity. That battery is ideal for recharging your smart phone or smaller smart tablet.

You have to consider the losses in the charging circuits of both the battery pack and the device you are charging so this result is outstanding! When using an external battery you have to allow approximately 30 % of the battery capacity will be lost to heat, voltage conversion, powering the batteries electronics and the electronics of your electronics device’s charging circuits. In addition you have to consider that your device is not truly off like a cell phone is still connected to the WIFI and phone networks and probably receiving emails, etc. This is one of the most powerful rechargeable battery packs I have tested.

Real world examples of charging capability with this battery pack:

  • iPhone 4 approximately 238% of a full charge out of a fully charged Anker 20000 mAh battery pack

  • iPhone 5S approximately 217% of a full charge

  • iPad 2 approximately 49% of a full charge

  • iPad 3 or 4 approximately 29% of a full charge

  • iPad Mini approximately 75.3% of a full charge

  • Kindle Fire approximately 76.8% of a full charge

  • iPad Air approximately 38% of a full charge

  • iPad Air 2 approximately 46% pf a full charge

  • Samsung Tab 4 eight inch tablet approximately 76% of a full charge

  • A normal estimated usable storage is 70% of capacity or .70 * 5200 mAh = 3640 mAh charging capacity available for your electronic devices.

  • In my testing I was able to use approximately 3379.9 mAh of capacity or roughly 65% of the 5200 mAh capacity. This is a good result for a battery of this size. This was based upon the first full charge of the battery pack and the results should get better after the battery is charged several more times.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation. A review was not promised to the supplier in exchange for the sample but I stated that if I provided a review that it would be fair and honest. - Customer Reviews: Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Candy bar-Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger (External Battery Power Bank) with High-Speed Charging PowerIQ Technology (Black)


Walmart Review by TechGerd :star::star::star::star::star:

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A tiny pack of power in your pocket

I own lots of Anker products, from Bluetooth headphones to their new Vacuum Cleaner, but mostly I have batteries. Lots and lots of batteries. Large and small, each and every one does a terrific job. So when the fine folks at Anker asked me to review the Anker E1, I jumped at the chance. My review is fair and unbiased. I mean, I've already got the battery, why not tell the absolute truth! The Anker E1 is small - I mean it's like 2/3 of a Three Musketeers candy bar! As a result, its easy to carry and use. It comes with one USB IQ port (IQ means it detects and adjusts to the power needs of the connected device) and the micro USB for input charging. I ran my Samsung tablet down to 4% battery, plugged in the E1, and it charged it up to 85% in 1 hour 45 minutes. It recharges quickly ( I didn't time it, sorry!) Thanks Anker for another terrific battery! This little jewel is going in my backpack, and I'll get another one for my gym bag to recharge my iPod and Bluetooth Headphones! - Customer Reviews: Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Candy bar-Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger (External Battery Power Bank) with High-Speed Charging PowerIQ Technology (Black)


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