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  • 24" Class LED Monitor (24" Viewable) Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 144hz Response Rate
  • AMD FreeSync technology provides the smoothest gaming experience
  • Brightness - 350 cd/m2, Dynamic Contrast Ratio - 80,000,000:1, Response Time - 1ms
  • Connectivity - VGA, DVI, HDMI w/MHL, Display Port, (4) USB, (1) USB Hub, Headphone Jack
  • Wall Mountable 100mm, Speakers, Height & Swivel Adjustable
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HAS: + 144Hz refresh rate + Very low input delay and pixel response time + AMD Freesync + Great stand and VESA mountable HAS NOT: - Only 1920x1080 resolution - Only 24" diagonal - Not IPS - No super-slim bezels

I bought 2 of these monitors after reading this review: […]
I recommend looking through the excellent details provided in that review.

This is the ideal 24" / 1080p monitor for me. I had been looking for gaming monitors for 4 months, and this one stacked up perfectly against my criteria.

Responsiveness. This one is among the best: 3.66ms input latency and 1ms pixel response time put it above all the other options I considered. In fact, it’s so good it’s not even worth valuing above something with double those numbers, since the difference will be unnoticeable. This monitor is fast, period.

High Refresh Rate. With a strong enough GPU to power it, hitting 144 frames per second is very appealing. If your PC can do better than 1080p @ 60Hz, get a monitor that can do better. This monitor can execute silky smooth game visuals at HD resolution (or higher if you enable virtual super-resolution in Radeon Software Crimson Edition).

Adaptive Sync. I hate vertical tearing, and I don’t want to take the performance hit from V-sync. Adaptive sync solves that with no performance loss. There’s 2 different kinds of adaptive sync, G-sync for Nvidia GPUs and Freesync for AMD GPUs. I’m on team red, so Freesync was a goal from the outset.

Stand that can rotate to portrait (and be mounted) was also on my list, but not as highly. I do computer programming, and it’s nice to edit code and other documents in portrait mode.

Update: This monitor needs no extra drivers for Windows 10 when using DVI, but today I plugged it into a 280X using DisplayPort, and had to take out the CD to install drivers. The drivers on the CD didn’t work; I had to download newer drivers from AOC’s website. - Customer Reviews: AOC G2460PF 24-Inch Free Sync Gaming LED Monitor, Full HD (1920 x 1080), 144hz, 1ms


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AOC G2460PF Freesync Monitor Review