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  • Charges iPad, iPhone and all iPod models with a Lightning connector
  • Compact design power adapter offers fast, efficient charging
  • It also charges iPhone and all iPod models
  • Product comes in Non-Retail packaging
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Amazon Review by :star::star::star::star::star:

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12 watts is the new Apple standard .... works with all older equipment

Note a couple of errors from Amazon: First, the product description is for a completely different product, the MagSafe laptop charger, not this USB iPad charger; second, Amazon implies this only works on Lightning connector iPads etc. With respect to the Lightning connector, since this doesn't come with ANY connector, technically it won't even work with the iPad 4 etc. ... unless you used the connector that came with your device, D'oh. Similarly it will work with the old style connector on old style devices - assuming you have both (device and connector). Likewise it will work with other devices, even non-Apple products, if they power off a USB port and you have the connecting cable for that 3rd party device.

There’s no need to buy the older 10 watt model of this Apple iPad charger. This is the one that was introduced with the iPad 4 to allow faster charging (20% faster in theory) and it is backwards compatible with all iOS devices from the original iPhone through the Touches and up to the tablets. It may (or may not) charge SOME of the Apple devices faster than the original chargers that came with them (hopefully, for example, the iPad 3) - Apple has a way of reading the power capacity of its devices and providing more power if it is safe. If it is NOT safe to deliver more power on an Apple device, the charger will revert to a lower power mode for safe charging.

With non-Apple products, the odds are this charger will revert to 5 watt or even lower USB power standards to protect third part devices. Even if the third party device is a tablet that would be happy with more power and can in fact draw more power from its own stock charger.

What this means in terms of actual use is this:

  1. You can replace all the tiny cube and former larger rectangular Apple chargers with this when you travel, and each Apple device you attach will draw the right amount of power.

  2. You can safely use this on non-Apple products, but is they want a lot of power the Apple probably won’t deliver it since the Apple charger won’t know that’s “safe.”

So the Apple charger is close to, but not quite, a “one stop” replacement for all the other USB port chargers you have. It WILL work with 3rd party devices, but maybe charge some of them more slowly than their own native charger will.

Blame the USB standards group for not adopting a universal protocol for communicating “safe power” levels through the USB ports, not Apple. At least we don’t have to carry both classic Apple cube, and the larger iPad chargers, around all the time (unless you have to charge them both at the same time, in which case don’t throw out or give away or old Apple cube charger).

FWIW we have used the new charger on a Google Nexus 7 tablet (charges as fast as the stock charger), on iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4, on iPad mini, 3 and 4 and haven’t had a hiccup. Even on an old dumb phone with a micro USB port.

  • Note for 1st gen iPad owners - a commenter has reported this will NOT work on the first gen iPads. I will look into this, but in the meantime either buy the 10 watt edition, or check with the Genius Bar at the Apple store before purchasing! Update: the wording from Apple’s own site is not clear, but several users report it works fine on the first gen iPad. - Customer Reviews: Apple 12w Usb Power Adapter-Eng MD836LL/A


Best Buy Review by TechNeats :star::star::star::star::star:

Apple Power with Watts of Love

The Apple MD826LL/A 12W USB Power Adapter is a certified Apple product which packs a whopping 12 Watts of power to power up your Apple device in (A LOT) less time. The Apple Power Adapter has a single USB charging port on the top to fit your USB charging cord. Sure, there's a cheaper, smaller, and still a respectable option with the 5 Watt Apple Charging Cube, or those cheap non-recommended square knock off version charging cubes that will work at least until you get home from the discount store, but be prepared to wait for the power to deliver at a much slower speed. Think of 5 Watts as driving 50 miles per hour and 12 Watts as driving and passing vehicles at 120 miles per hour, big difference in power and speed. (We do not recommend you drive that fast) but there should be no speed limits for Apple charging, and this is like stepping on the accelerator going in the right direction. The size of the adapter is not much larger than the Apple Charging Cube, and you won't even care or notice the difference in size. The 12 Watt Apple USB Power Adapter is not heavy or overwhelming, but has some weight that feels like nothing but pure quality. It is smooth with rounded corners, and the metal prongs (the two metal things at the end that fit in the electric socket) fold up making it comfortable to carry in any situation. Once out of the box, you can be confident that your Apple Power Adapter will start working hard charging all your Apple products with the power they deserve and all your Apple products will love you for it. - Customer Reviews: Apple 12w Usb Power Adapter-Eng MD836LL/A


Walmart Review by macolema :star::star::star::star::star:

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Excellent Power Charger

Necessary for IPad but great for iPhone and iPods-charges very quickly because of the higher voltage. Purchased as an extra charger for family use- it's now the "go to" charger. Definitely recommend. - Customer Reviews: Apple 12w Usb Power Adapter-Eng MD836LL/A


@michigan I recommend to buy



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