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  • iPhone 5S 16GB GOLD
  • Compatible w/ Straight Talk Wireless
  • Activation Instructions Included
  • Prepaid Service must be purchased from Straight Talk
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Walmart Review by JustBiteMe :star::star::star::star::star:

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Everything works great as expected!

First of all the 5S is a super awesome phone! Secondly, i am also happy with the service! Voice and text is unlimited, data is limited to around 2.5 gb, after that is unlimited to a lower speed (but still good enough for emails or facebook). Lte is super fast. I use my phone very often at work including web and data apps too, pandora radio very often and navigation, and have wifi at home, i try to only dowload big apps only on wifi again. I use streaming videos only if really needed. Otherwise i watch HD videos (youtube/netflix) mostly from home on the wifi. So basically by the end of the month of normal usage of several apps i end up with around 1.5 gb, and that still gives me plenty of data left if youre a little careful, and you only pay $45 a month vs over $100 with att or verizon! Very important: if you buy the phone in store you get the CDMA version that will only work on verizon towers. If bought online you get the SIM version that will work on at&t towers. Keep that in mind before buying. First find out which of the two has a better coverage in your area and choose accordingly. In my area both towers work great, but still my choice was to purchase the 5S online and get the sim version that works on at&t only because if one day will decide to move to another provider - i will have a sim iphone that can be unlocked and used with any other phone company, thus having a much higher resale value than the locked cdma version. Just a thought. Good luck and enjoy your new phone! The phone is a little pricey at $700 (with tax) but hey you only paying $45 a month! You only pay about $550 a year vs $1500 with at&t or verizon. Worths the money! Very happy! - Customer Reviews: Apple iPhone 5s Unlocked S&D, Gold, 16 GB (Refurbished)


Amazon Review by Amazon Customer :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Phone great. SIM card not

The phone works great but when I tried to activate the SIM card the phone went into an endless loop. Now I have to wait for Straight Talk to send me a new sim so I can actually use the phone as a phone instead of a very expensive iPod touch. Not happy. - Customer Reviews: Apple iPhone 5s Unlocked S&D, Gold, 16 GB (Refurbished)