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  • Professional-grade 32-inch 4K/UHD display with four times the pixel density of Full HD displays.
  • ASUS Eye care technology with TUV certified Flicker free for less Eye fatigue
  • Ergonomically-designed stand with Tilt,Swivel,Pivot,Height adjustment plus wall-mount capability for comfortable viewing position
  • Factory pre-calibrated, industry-leading color accuracy with 100% sRGB and Rec. 709 color space support.
  • Extensive connectivity with HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2, and MHL 3.0 for smooth 4K/UHD content playback. Also, come with Built-in USB3.0 x4.
  • PA328Q is a recipient of a 2014 Red Dot Award for its outstanding design. Please Note: Kindly refer the User Manual before use.
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Amazon Review by RedMan :star::star::star::star::star:

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Killer Pro Photo & Graphics Monitor

After weeks of very careful research I decided to purchase this Asus PA249Q Pro Art 24 inch monitor. I have been a professional photographer for over 40 years and decided to be good to my eyes. I do tons of shooting and photo editing in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop using BOTH the Adobe 98 and sRGB color spaces this Asus monitor comes calibrated with from the factory.

While doing my research on all Pro monitors I thought to myself “could this really be? It sounds too good to be true.” 99% AdobeRGB, 120% NTSC, 100% sRGB Coverage sounds like the answer to my prayers and needs.

My monitor got here in 2 days which amazed me as I asked for free shipping from Amazon. Upon arrival I removed my Gateway 2145W which had served me very well since April 2003. I installed the new Asus and was blown away by how good it is right out of the box… Great and accurate color right out of the box… I let it burn in for a few days and then checked the accuracy for both of the Adobe 98 and sRGB spaces… Both were extremely accurate. I did need to turn down the brightness to 16% because it IS an extremely bright monitor and is set at 50% from the factory… BUT THE COLOR ACCURACY IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD.

I have been using this Asus PA249Q for almost a month now and can tell you it IS the best money I’ve invested in my Pro Photo Editing computer system period. I can see details in my images I’ve never seen before… Truly a revelation for my old eyes.

I’ve seen all the knocks in ALL the reviews this monitor and it’s predecessor, the Asus PA248Q (which I came very close to buying)have had. I can only tell you about my personal experience with this Asus PA249Q Pro Art for almost a month. I am extremely picky about quality in everything I do… I build my own PC computers to handle Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I have experienced NO problems what so ever with this monitor… No stuck pixils, No buzzing sounds, No bad or uneven back lighting and last but for me NOT LEAST… NO inaccurate COLOR OR GREY SCALE Imagery. This monitor is DEAD on the money and I love it. It ROCKS!

I am so glad I decided to give myself something as important as a great magnifying glass at the end of the chain for high quality computer photo editing.

I personally would recommend this monitor to anyone needing to see truly accurate photos and graphics in their work. I will also tell you everything else looks wonderful as well. All my email, word processing, spreadsheet and browser programs shine with clear and very sharp, accurate, super readable fonts. The extra real estate I get with my Windows 7 Pro desktop is greatly appreciated as well. It’s native 1920 x 1200 resolution is a joy. More room for running different programs side by side while multi tasking.

I have NOT hooked up the Up and Down USB 3 ports so I can not speak to how well they work.

I really can’t tell you much more other than this. I have bonded with this monitor and it is unquestionably the best money I’ve spent at

I AM a Happy Camper. - Customer Reviews: ASUS 32 " 4K Ultra HD ProArt Professional Monitor [PA328Q] IPS


Check out this youtube video

computex 2014: ASUS ProArt PA328Q 4K UHD Monitor


Best Buy Review by CharlieTheCat :star::star::star::star::star:

Amazing monitor

This monitor is a beast. It's huge, yes 32" of bright accurate color pixel galore. 60hz on HDMI is great too. I like that I can tilt and swivel the screen the way I want. - Customer Reviews: ASUS 32 " 4K Ultra HD ProArt Professional Monitor [PA328Q] IPS