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    4.3 out of 5


  • Designed for an excellent music experience.Thoughtfully designed in every aspect, the Ausdom AH2 headphones are much better than any other wireless Bluetooth headphones in this price range
  • These wireless headphones feature a leather padded design with soft ear cushions and a stretch headband.Suitable for use at work, home or while travelling, this headphones provide superior sound quality and are comfortable to wear all day long
  • How good is the sound? Featuring the newest Ausdom sound production technology, you will experience crystal clear sound CD-like sound effect. The dynamic 40mm drivers and full frequency response design deliver rich bass, extended treble and high fidelity sound
  • The wireless headphone AH2 is the flagship bluetooth headphone that has been making people reassess just what it is that they want out of a headset The Ausdom AH2 is a wireless high fidelity stereo headset that really takes care of all your needs. Use it to listen to music, make phone calls, play games by yourself or with friends, and much more
  • Unlimited functionality. Bluetooth V4.0+EDR technology allows you to sync and pair within seconds for stereo music. Built-in microphone for headset functionality with controls for media and phone calls. Can be used both wired (stereo audio only) and wireless - Optional connection via 3.5mm audio cable for streaming music without worrying battery dead
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Great Headphones All Around

Okay, so, let's start off by saying that I'm by no means a super audiophile. But I do love music, tv, movies, and pretty much anything that audio is a huge part of. For several years, I've used various headphones and earbuds. My favorite (and most used) pair of headphones was a nice Skullcandy I got for Christmas. They had good sound and were fairly comfortable. Very durable, too. I'm not a huge fan of earbuds, but I use them at school and when I'm working, or just out of the house in general. I find them uncomfortable in general, though. Recently, though, my Skullcandy headphones broke; I ordered a pair of Bluedioes. They arrived, and I noticed that they were pretty cheaply made. They also malfunctioned about twenty minutes of use; I returned them and just used my Skullcandy ones again.. But that was pretty annoying, since only one side really worked. So, I looked through Amazon again and found this pair. They weren't pricey, and they had great reviews. I compared them with a couple others and then decided to order. And here is what I found:

The Pros: These have been great headphones overall. The sound is great; very clear and vivid, which seems to be what most people look for in new headphones. Plus, they’re very, very comfortable. I used to get headaches after using my Skullcandies for too long, but these have been no problem. The ears are very padded, and so is the top. Sound and comfort, they most important parts, are totally here. They look great, too. A lot of products exaggerate their product images online; these headphones honestly look just as good, if not better. Very stylish. And, oh yeah, Bluetooth! This is my second time using bluetooth headphones, and they’re pretty good. Very convenient. They have a long range; I can walk around most places in my house (and into the yard, even) when they’re connected to my laptop. The battery seems to last well, too. Also, they’re good at limiting outside noise, which is to be expected. I also haven’t experienced any noise leak from these, which used to be a slight problem with my other headphones and earbuds. So, yea, these are a fantastic pair, especially for the price.

The Cons: Unfortunately, there are some issues. These aren’t the most durable or sturdy headphones. They certainly are much better than the Bluedios I had, but they don’t compare to my tank-like Skullcandies. But this shouldn’t be a problem for the vast majority of people; heavy headphones aren’t great about 90% of the time. Aside from that, they can be a bit spotty if you’re a distance away from the source of the music, but this largely depends on your connection and where you are. So, aside from those two cons (which are mostly just opinion based anyways), these don’t seem to have many flaws at all.

So, in conclusion, these are fantastic headphones. The price ($34.99 when I bought them) is totally fine, and the quality of the music/sound, comfort, and style are wonderful. The Bluetooth capability to convenient to say the least, and the build/weight is also totally fine for domestic use.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you strongly consider these headphones! I’m glad that I did. - Customer Reviews: AUSDOM On-Ear Bluetooth 4.0 EDR Stereo Bass Wireless Headphones AH2, Over-Ear Bluetooth Headsets with Built-in Microphone


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