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  • Experience bright, beautiful images with this 1:1 high gain black-border matte white screen
  • This projector screen is easy to mount and maintain, featuring a lightweight case and an anti-fabric, anti-static screen
  • This manual operation screen features a built-in self lock mechanism: simply pull the screen and it will stay put
  • This screen is perfect for homes, businesses, and classrooms
  • Screen Dimensions: 92.5"(L) x 74.5"(H)
  • Case Dimensions: 92.5"(L) x 4.75"(W)
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Amazon Review by Kristian :star::star::star::star::star:

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Economical, sturdy, easy to mount, good price.

I'm writing a review to help people like me who's undecided on every purchase I'm making. So anyway, got the package in 2 days. Very fast shipping, I didn't expect a huge package in front of my doorstep. It is on good packaging box. The screen itself is huge!!! A little wrinkle on the left side but no big deal I already expected that from reviews and it didn't bother me since it got straitened up after 1 movie. Installing is a no brainer. 2 screws and it's already mounted. I would say the quality for me as a new projector owner is a A+++. It's cheap, huge, and good quality. I was ready to purchase a 3 year old screen on craigslist for $50 and here I found a brand spankin new screen for $20 more and I got me a bombiznitz projector screen. Very happy . F.y.i I installed it on my new patio deck. Outdoor. It's summer time and I will practically use this almost everyday until I get tired of it. But on winter I might take it inside to avoid moisture. Thanks for reading. - Customer Reviews: Best Choice Products Manual Projector Projection Screen Pull Down Screen, 119"L


Walmart Review by GOOGOO1 :star::star::star::star::star:

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Huge screen

Originally I was going to exchange for a smaller screen but after trying it out I changed my mind. It is 7 ft. Wide , viewing area 84" x 84" if pulled all the way down. I bought to use outdoors and have 2 places to hang it depending what I'm doing. Under gazebo it covers almost the whole 8' patio door & I have to re-arrange a few things to move over to firepit area on a fence. I don't pull it all the way down ( which is a giant square) I have a small pico projector I hook Apple TV to it and external speakers ( sound isn't great on projector) I can fill the screen from 8' or move closer 5' and fills whole middle. It feels like a drive in movie. I decided why get a smaller screen then you might as well use a TV. It is easy to move or put away and is fun for showing video and pictures outside on nice nights. Smaller screens seem to cost more . Great buy!! Easy to raise & lower & better than using side of house. Back & outer edges are black. No light would come through from the back. Highly recommended . - Customer Reviews: Best Choice Products Manual Projector Projection Screen Pull Down Screen, 119"L


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