Bissell CrossWave All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner, 1785W ⭐⭐⭐⭐:halfstar:



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  • Vacuums and washes floors at the same time | Cleans both sealed hard floors and area rugs
  • Dual-action brush roll | Smart-Touch controls | 2-tank system |Integrated carrying handle
  • Easy-remove brush window | Swivel steering | Multi-surface cleaning solution
  • Easy-clean storage tray | Solution tank holds enough solution to clean up to 700 sq ft
  • Model# 1785W | Dimensions: 10.50 x 12.00 x 46.00 Inches
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Amazon Review by Clara Fox :star::star::star::star::star:

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My water was BLACK and LOADED !

Truly does wash and vacuum at the same time. We have a busy floor. Pets, kids adult traffic. We live in snowy area so winters, especially, the wood floors get bad. Kitchen is also on this floor and I cook frequently. I wish I could post a picture. The dirty tank was black and had about 2 cups full of solid waste matter. Pet hair, cereal, plastic wrappings from candy, etc. Yes, literally, 2 cups of solid matter.. I used a strainer to prove it. The vacuuming power is EXCELLENT! You do have to disassemble and clean after each use. EASY PEAZY! So simple to break down, rinse out. I then lay an oils towel down and allow parts to dry well before I reassemble the next day. The whole cleaning process takes about 6 minutes, including putting back together. Love this product. - Customer Reviews: Bissell CrossWave All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner, 1785W


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Bissell Crosswave All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner review


Walmart Review by Grandma :star::star::star::star::star:

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Love this machine!

I have concrete, tile and laminate with area rugs in my house. I also have two local toddler-age grandchildren, two dogs and two cats. All four pets shed ridiculous amounts of hair. I've been looking for a long time for a machine that vacuums and cleans at the same time.

We previously had to vacuum all of the floors first and then use a mop and bucket to clean the hard floors. I always felt like I was just swishing dirty water around on my floors.

I spent four hours today with my new Bissell Crosswave cleaning all of my hard floors. I also cleaned a small spot in my living room area rug. The machine did a wonderful job. The suction is very strong. The separation of clean and dirty water is great. I refilled the clean water/cleaning solution dispenser as needed, and I emptied and rinsed the dirty water container after each room.

My floors look great. The machine was very quick to put together and very easy to use. It’s light and easily maneuverable. I highly recommend it! - Customer Reviews: Bissell CrossWave All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner, 1785W


@geek30 I like it, you should definitely buy it