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  • Scrub, spray and lift away dirt and stains with powerful vacuum suction
  • 3" spot cleaning machine can clean carpets, chairs, couches and more
  • Removable water tanks are easy to fill and empty
  • Includes 8 oz trial size Spot and Stain Formula
  • 17.25’ L x 12.50’ W x 8.25’ H IN
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Amazon Review by M. :star::star::star::star::star:

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Some Days There Is Not Enough Carpet Cleaner In The World

Sometimes the stress of owning pets can be just overwhelming, so any tool I can find to make it easier gets a big 'Thank You!!' from me. Bissell's Little Green Spot and Stain Machine makes life easier... life with pets easier... life with sick pets easier!

This last year we had to say good-bye to one of our babies; 17 yrs old and stubbornly intent on staying as long as he could after years of diabetes and tooth problems. During stressful times like these, especially when they’re drawn out over months and months help can be so appreciated, and part of our help came in the way of a simple, compact carpet cleaner.

This great cleaner is made well, designed well, and a real cinch to clean up after using. Even after cleaning up the very worst messes (and there were many!) I feel like a quick brush soak and running a bit of water with a tsp of bleach through the hose takes care of all smells… not that there ever has been one. I own one of Bissell’s large steam cleaning machines, but pulling that out for every little mess is just too much. This whips out in a minute and packs up just as quickly. It’s extremely compact and the cord and hose wrap up tightly. It’s lighter than you can imagine, even when full of water and it’s easy to find room for. It cleans quickly and has great brush/sprayer design. Finding something that worked so well when things were going so wrong was more of a help than I can say. It proves that companies that care about design and quality really do make a difference in peoples’ every day lives… and Bissell made a difference in ours at one of the saddest, most stressful times we’ve experienced.

We still have another 17 yr old baby at home… and have sneakily been gifted a new kitten, so there will be plenty more messes to deal with. I believe the Little Green Machine will handle them gracefully, and make it possible for me to deal with them more gracefully as well!!

Thanks Bissell, Truly!! - Customer Reviews: Bissell Little Green Spot and Stain Cleaning Machine, 1400M


Walmart Review by citylvr :star::star::star::star::star:

Worth Every Penny - Great Purchase

I purchased this Bissell to clean a set of dining chairs that I purchased second hand from Kijiji. The chairs had seen more than their fair share of spills and stains, and they definitely needed a good cleaning. Can I just say the results were fantastic? All of the spills and stains came out nicely, and now the chairs look (and smell) brand new :)

After I finished cleaning the dining chairs, I decided I would also clean the upholstery in my (also second hand) car, and the results there were also fantastic. My car smells fresh & clean.

If I could redesign this product, I would want to be able to open the brush head. As much as I rinsed the brush head after use, there is still a little bit of upholstery lint stuck inside. If I could open the plastic cover on the brush it would make it so much easier to clean. All of the other parts were easy to remove and rinse.

The purchase of the Bissell Little Green Machine was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. - Customer Reviews: Bissell Little Green Spot and Stain Cleaning Machine, 1400M


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