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  • Professional-grade results Carpet and upholstery cleaner Built-in heater continuously heats hot tap water up to 25 degrees hotter to maximize cleaning Bissell ProHeat 2x carpet cleaner has large capacity 2-in-1 tank Deep clean and dirty water separate for easy filling and emptying
  • Surround suction: surfaces dry fast with full-width suction 12 rows of cleaning Dual rotating PowerBrushes loosen and remove deep-down dirt from carpet
  • Triple-action brushes scrub, clean and groom carpet 3" tough stain brush Includes trial size Bissell Formula
  • Model# 1383
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Amazon Review by Amazon Customer :star::star::star::star::star:

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I have white carpeting in a house with 3 kids under ten years old, a husband whose a mechanic and always trailing some sort of dirt and 2 dogs. I finally had enough and decided I was not ok with the carpet looking the way it did and bought a hoover dual power max. That basically did nothing for my carpeting and was returned within 2 hours. I was torn between replacing it with the bissell proheat 2x and the bissel pet advanced. I decided on proheat 2x because it was professional grade and I have never been happier! right away it took everything out of the carpeting. Stains that had been there months were gone and it was so easy to use it made me want to clean everything i could. It only has one tank to worry about and you just plug it in turn it on and go. There is one design flaw I found but compared to the results I could care less. The tank has a bag inside that you put the cleaner in and the outer part holds the dirty water so once the dirty water is higher up you cant see how much cleaner you have left and theres no indicator. But all you do is take a peek over the top and you can tell so no big deal worth every penny.

The pictures are of the main entry and the family tramples through the first is before i shampooed at all the second i used the hoover max on the left and the bissell on the right you can clearly see the difference and the last picture you can see the carpet is flawless like the day we moved in. - Customer Reviews: Bissell ProHeat 2X Advanced Carpet Cleaner, 1383



BISSELL Pro Heat 2x Carpet Cleaner - Deep cleaning DEMO


Walmart Review by AngieMG2130 :star::star::star::star::star:

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Did a great job!!!!

This is kind of long, but since it's a newer model i thought i'd share my opinion. I love the design of the water "bladder" inside the water tank that keeps it separate from the dirty water. I was able to empty the dirty water completely without spilling any clean water w/cleaning formula (i saw that was a problem with some other models i looked at). It was disgusting to see the amount hair that the machine kept picking up that i didn't even realized was in my carpets!!! But i guess it's a good thing becuase i knew the machine has very strong suction to pull out even the most matted in hair and dirt. i needed a few rounds over the most wear areas cause i have less expensive carpets that need help and needed a cleaning desperately.

The heating element seemed to really pitch in on making the drying time quicker. It was only a few hours before i could walk on the carpets like i normally do. It was so nice to walk on them and have them feel so fluffy and clean! It’s been about a week since i used it and the carpets still look clean and are not so matted down again. Comparing the final result to a professional job i had done about a year ago by Oxi Fresh company… I would never hire anyone else and pay all that money again! The “professional” company left my carpets wet for almost two days and the carpet looked dirty and matted down the minute we started walking on it again. They also did not pick up ANY stains, which the Bissell did a great job at. It seemed like Oxi Fresh just made pretty vaccum designs on my carpet… nothing else. My only complaint about the Bissell is that i wished it did a better job on SOME of the stains it couldn’t lift… but then again, they are set-in pet stains. It did lighten some of the bad stains, also with the help of a stain lifter, but didn’t get rid of completely. I guess i need a miracle for those!

Clean up of the tank and lid cleaned went with extreme eaze. There was a separate hair/lindt trap as well, which never got clogged up on me.

Overall, the unit is very light weight. I can push it around very easily and lift it up and down a few flights of stairs with little discomfort. The tool attachment worked great for more set in stains and worked perfectly for stairs and go into the little crevices of the steps. Hope all of this was helpfull to anyone thinking about buying this model. I am VERY particular, and i loved this machine… well worth the money! - Customer Reviews: Bissell ProHeat 2X Advanced Carpet Cleaner, 1383


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