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  • CRISP, CLEAR, & DYNAMIC SOUND QUALITY - Made with 40 mm drivers, it’s no wonder why these headphones deliver a rich and deep BASS that even an audiophile can appreciate. They also come with a built-in HD microphone so you can make hands-free phone calls- or listen to music- while you work.
  • BLUETOOTH THAT PAIRS UP EFFORTLESSLY - Unlike other devices out there, SoundPal uses the latest in Bluetooth technology (v4.1) to make pairing QUICK and painless. It only takes a couple of seconds to connect and then you’re ready to rock and roll. Considering its 33 feet range, you have a lot of freedom to move around once paired too.
  • FEELS NATURAL TO WEAR OVER YOUR EARS - Not only are the ear covers designed to fit the natural shape of your head
  • they’re made from a soft material that’s comfortable to wear for LONG periods of time. Plus, each pair comes with a hard shell case that you can securely pack away without worrying about damaging them.
  • SKIP SONGS WITH THE SWIPE OF A FINGER - On the side of the headset, you’ll notice a touchpad with buttons for easy menu navigation. So, you can pause, play, and skip with the touch of your fingertips. No more digging in your pocket to open the screen on your phone. Now that’s what we consider convenient.
  • HOLDS A CHARGE FOR DAYS OF USE - With 20 hours of wireless play time, you don’t need to constantly charge up these headphones each night. Depending on your use, just charge it once or twice a week with the included micro USB cable and you’re good to go. Or plug in the auxiliary cord for unlimited use.
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Amazon Review by Eric Drummond :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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SoundPal SL50 Full Review

Alright so what I'm going to do for everyone today is review the soundpal sl50 Bluetooth headphones. Now along with talking about how I feel about these headphones I will be breaking this review down into 11 categories which are as follows that being said I hope everyone enjoys this written review and finds it helpful.

Build quality and Design: from a build quality and design standpoint these headphones are constructed quite well with no rattling or creaking of any kind in terms of design they have a nice sleep simplistic and utilitarian design. Which in a way it makes them very eye-catching.
Comfort: in terms of comfort the headphones are quite comfortable and I had no problem wearing them for extended usage sessions or doing things for extended periods of time like listening to music or watching YouTube videos and movies. If there are downsides to the headphones however it will be the fact that while working out or doing strenuous activities the headphones have a tendency to slide off your head. Other than that they are quite comfortable.
Core features: the following notable features of the Bluetooth headphones are they incorporate Bluetooth version 4.1 they have 50 millimeter sound drivers in them they have a built-in Mic for making receiving phone calls. They have three multifunction button which allows them to do a bevy of useful features such as skip next track the volume up and down answer call reject the call redial a previous call and initiate a voice call function. Lastly the headphones incorporate a 500 milliamp hour battery which is micro USB rechargeable so there is no need to swap out batteries or things of that nature.
Sound quality and volume: in terms of sound quality the headphones sound good they are very crisp and clear on the low and high end on the Spectrum with no distortion or popping of any kind. The volume on the headphones themselves gets quite loud and I had no issues hearing whatever I was doing on the headphones. If there was one downside however the bass on the headphones themselves were very soft. And for certain things left a little bit more to be desired.
Mic quality: when it comes to mic quality the mic on the headphones was very good I had no issues interacting with callers and they said my voice was very loud and clear. Also I had no problems interacting with my phone using my voice or voice commands.
Steps to pair: the steps to pair are as follows:
Step 1 on your Bluetooth enabled device navigate to the settings navigate to Bluetooth then turn on the Bluetooth then make your Bluetooth device visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices.
Step 2 on the headphones themselves press and hold the power button until you hear an audible tone that says power on then continue to hold the power button until you hear another audible tone that says pairing mode. Then you should see a blue and red flashing light on the headphones themselves this indicates let the headphones are now in pairing mode and ready to be paired to a device.
Step 3 back on your Bluetooth enabled device from the drop-down menu click the refresh button to rescan for Bluetooth devices then you should see the name of the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect to in this case it should say soundpal sl50 tap on the name of the device to begin the pairing process once. Correctly you should hear an audible tone that says device is connected. Now you are ready to start using your Bluetooth headphones with your Bluetooth enabled devices. Note for visual steps on how to do this please visit my YouTube Channel just look up Eric Drummond and soundpal sl50 full review on YouTube.
Bluetooth range and strength: when it comes to the Bluetooth range and strength overall I would say that the overall range and strength is quite good and I had no issues whatsoever. That being said for the best possible performance please remember to eliminate all possible interference or use the arc cable and plug into the 3.5 millimeter aux Jack on the headphones.
Durability: when it comes to the durability the headphones held up quite well surviving more than 3 to 4 drops and they still to this day function as if brand new and do not show any visible damage or scratches. So this is just a testament to how good the durability is.
Charging times in overall battery life: in terms of charge times the headphones took anywhere from two and a half hours to two hours and 45 minutes to reach a full charge. In terms of overall battery life during my particular testing the headphones last anywhere from 25 hours to 27 hours give it take a few minutes. Keep in mind that your results May Vary see to the fact that we all use things differently. Also to maximize charging times I recommend that you connect the included micro-usb cable to a wall brick this will ensure that you get the maximum charging speeds.
Positives and negatives:
Positives the headphones have a great build quality there is no rattling of creaking of any kind they have a good minimalistic and utilitarian design they have a solid Mike with good quality they feature Bluetooth 4.1 technology for an absolute Wireless experience they have a 500 milliamp hour battery built into them which get some really good battery life and most importantly they have some really good sound quality and a really good volume to them they get quite loud.
Negatives the design could be tweaked for more comfort and I wish they didn’t fall off when doing strenuous activities bike exercise or things of that nature.

Price and final thoughts: when it comes to the price these headphones are price quite well at $20 flat. That being said I would have no problem recommending them anyone if you want a really really solid pair of headphones had a really great price who sound quality matches the quality of headphones worth $50 to $100 more than this really is a good pickup. That being said I hope this was helpful and I hope everyone has a good day. - Customer Reviews: Bluetooth Headphones SoundPal SL50 Ultra-Light Wireless On-Ear Headphones


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SoundPal SL50 Bluetooth Headphones Full Review


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