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  • 16 Place Setting Capacity
  • 6 Wash Cycles
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  • Flexible Third Rack
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Amazon Review by Zippy :star::star::star::star::star:

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When in doubt; read the manual

I've owned this dishwasher 16 months now, as of June 2015, and have only good things to say about it. I purchased the white exterior model SHX68T52UC. It is identical except to the exterior on this model. I'm posting this on this model because so many people are purchasing stainless and want people to have the full scope on this dishwasher. I'm going to attempt to cover all aspects on this dishwasher and address issues some people have had.

This dishwasher replaced a 10 year old Whirlpool. I had many of the same cycles on my Whirlpool as this does, except the half load cycle. I spent almost $800 on that dishwasher at the time.

I read my manual on this dishwasher over 20 times to really understand how it operates. This dishwasher operates differently and if you’re not open to doing things differently; then you should probably look for a standard dishwasher with a heating element. Scrape your dishes rather than rinse them. The new detergents contain “smart enzymes”. If your dishes are too clean, and you add too much detergent; you can end up with residue and etching on your dishes, especially glassware.

People have complained about the lack of a heated drying cycle. The government has mandated all dishwashers use less energy and water. The new dishwashers won’t perform the same drying action as the dishwashers of old with a heating element the size of " rebar. One of my friends purchased a new Kitchen Aid, and she’s frequently left with the tops of glassware and Tupperware or plastic ware not dry. The key is angling items, so water runs off of them. Many of the American manufacturers are going to this type of drying system also.

If you have a whole house generator; you cannot use the heated dry cycle. You can only use the air dry cycle if the generator is used. Heating elements use a tremendous amount of energy.

Always unload from bottom to top. This way any water on the upper items will not drip down onto your dry dishes below. You have three racks in this dishwasher. A bottom rack, top rack, and cutlery tray, or third rack, above the top rack.

Make sure your dishwasher is level. Someone had mentioned their bottom rack keeps coming off the track when they pull it out.

Odor: you MUST let the interior dry. With no heating element the interior will remain wet or moist. I leave a rolled up kitchen towel against the top so it’s slightly open overnight or during the day while my clean dishes are in the dishwasher. Letting the interior air dry assures no odor and 99 percent of the time all the tops of my glassware and Tupperware type containers are dry too. It’s the same principle if you’ve taken a cooler to the beach and left it closed or don’t leave your washing machine lid or door open; you’ll get odor. They have to dry out. You can also utilize a dishwasher cleaner occasionally.

No room for tall items or items don’t fit: This top rack of this dishwasher raises or lowers to three different positions via paddles on the sides, and has two folding tine racks on the right side; so you have plenty of space depending on what you’re loading. You can even remove this rack if you have a very tall item like huge gumbo pot in the bottom rack. I have an 11 " x 17" pan that fits fine in the bottom rack. I also have put a 4 quart crock pot along with a 6 quart crock pot, a thick plate, a cutting board, ramekin, and microwave cover in one picture in the bottom rack. Dishes fit better if they’re stacked back to front the way the tines are designed on the bottom rack. Have the back of the dishes facing you when loading. This is the opposite of my old Whirlpool dishwasher. The tines were completely straight instead of angled.

If you have tall glasses, just lower the top rack. You have a 9" to 10" gap between the bottom of the top tray and bottom of the cutlery tray when the rack is in the lowest position. When the top rack is raised to the highest position; there is a 7" to 8" gap between the two trays.

The cutlery tray holds about 70 pieces of cutlery. If you don’t wish to use the cutlery or flatware tray, you can always use the accompanying silverware basket that fits in the bottom tray like most conventional dishwashers.
The bottom rack has two sets of tines towards the rear which fold down if you wish. A vase holder unclips, and sometimes I put it towards the side on the bottom rack to hold frying pans up. The plate holder section on the left has wider tines to allow for thick plates, and the ones on the right are closer together.

Detergent and rinse agent: It will be helpful to know the hardness of your water in order to adjust the rinse aid and detergent amount used. I believe you can purchase these kits here on Amazon, as well as Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, etc. People are complaining about having to use rinse agent. I find I use less detergent with this dishwasher since it uses less water, so I think it all evens out. I have a water softener and filtration system, and have found setting the rinse aid cycle to 2, and using one tablespoon of detergent is often enough. If you use the packaged tablets or gel packs with about 3 tablespoons worth of detergent; they can leave residue if you don’t have enough dishes in the dishwasher or they’re not dirty enough. Etching on glassware, rust and pitting on flatware will result. Someone also complained the tablets or gel packs don’t fit well. The dispenser is angled, so if you place the packs in at an angle they fit fine. If my dishes are very dirty, and I use a prepackaged pack; I’ve personally found Finish Power and Free to be good for me because I’m trying to go with more wholesome environmentally friendly detergents. It uses hydrogen peroxide and has less harmful chemicals. I also utilize the Finish Power and Free rinse aid. I’ve tried the Cascade rinse agent, regular Finish, Finish Turbo Dry, and like the Finish Power and Free rinse agent the best.

Cycles: I love the half load cycle when I don’t have a lot of dishes, but I’ve cooked up fish or cabbage and don’t want the smelly dishes sitting in the dishwasher until I have a full load. Use up to a tablespoon of liquid or powder detergent. A tablet worth of 3 tablespoons of detergent will probably be too much.

I usually use the Eco cycle because I don’t want super heated water since I normally use my good china for everyday use. China generally shouldn’t be in water temperature higher than about 140 degrees. The rinse temperature on the Bosch is 144 degrees using this cycle. - Customer Reviews: Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC Fully Integrated Built-in Dishwasher 24" in Stainless Steel


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Best Buy Review by Eagle68 :star::star::star::star::star:

Plates, silverware, and Glasses all look brand new

Like others, I read reviews on many dishwashers, we settled on 3, 2 Bosch & an LG. We purchased after Black Friday, so we missed all of the deals. Had 3 Whirlpools in the past. Last one stopped cleaning after 4 years. Like some suggested, I brought to the store, some of our dishes, a silverware setting and the tallest pilsner glass we use. Wanted to make sure the adjustable racks fit OUR dinnerware, they did. Worked out our best deal and had the Bosch 800 delivered. I did the install, pretty simple. Just a little hard working under the sink connecting the dishwasher. I purchased a plug in wire set, and a dishwasher rubber graduated extension. The Bosch has a wire box which you connect to your service. I put a high loop on the drain hose, lifting it over the top inside of our cabinet. The clean and Dry are fantastic even peanut butter on the knife. Glasses are spotless, we are using the Jet Dry rinse aid. After cleaning cycle the red floor light goes off and we leave the door closed for another hour or so, to let the drying work. If you open the door right after the light goes out, you will see and feel the hot vapor created by the process. The third shelf is great, we just pick out all the spoon's etc., at the same time, easier to put away. We have no problems with any tines obstructing our pots, bowls, etc. We highly recommend the Bosch SS Dishwasher, it does exactly what you think all DW are suppose to do. - Customer Reviews: Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC Fully Integrated Built-in Dishwasher 24" in Stainless Steel


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