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  • No special software, sound card upgrade, adaptors or complicated wiring required
  • Speaker arrays come fully assembled on stands for superb performance and more usable desktop space
  • Handy control pod houses volume control, single-touch mute, headphone jack and connection for a second audio source such as an MP3 player
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Amazon Review by Michael J. Wood :star::star::star::star::star:

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Virtual 5.1 system with only 3 speakers! Must hear to believe!

The Bose Companion 5 speaker system is a fantastic addition to a multimedia home computer system. I've had several different sets of computer speakers, including one other Bose set, and this is hands-down the best set.

The Companion 5 set consists of two desktop speakers and an acoustimass-type sub-woofer unit or module. The module is the heart of the system – not only does it control the speakers and bass, but it also functions as an excellent soundcard. The module connects via USB and not through the computer sound card because of that, and will function as the primary soundcard for your computer. Per the directions, they need to connect through a USB port directly on the computer, and not through a hub or docking station. The instructions do not specify why, but I presume it would be due to the delay present in most hubs. Additionally, one needs to make sure that your computers sound and audio settings for the OS and software are configured properly to make sure the speakers work properly. It should occur automatically when the speakers are set-up. The directions are all very clear on how to ensure this happens in a step-by-step process, and include a good troubleshooting guide in case problems occur. It took less than a single minute for me to set up when I did it as almost everything was handled automatically by the speakers. It is important to note that you must follow the provided directions if you want these speakers to work properly. Most of the negative reviews posted seem to point out what happens when you don’t follow directions. However, once you follow them, you’ll get unbelievable sound from the system. I had to get up once and check the door behind me because I thought I heard someone knocking, only to discover that it was sound coming from my game that I had heard.


  • Superb, full spectrum sound from a small, compact system

  • Very rich sound when used with DVD movies, CD’s, MP3’s, and games

  • Accurately conveys 5.1 sound when media/software uses that format

  • Subwoofer provides excellent very low frequency sounds

  • Uses very little desk space

  • Very attractive appearance

  • Excellent high-end sound card for all but the most specialized applications


  • Price (though I don’t have “buyer’s remorse” now that I have the system, and considering a soundcard is included makes the price more reasonable)

  • Weakest area of the virtual 5.1 coverage is directly behind head

  • No microphone input (important for those using online games in particular)

  • No on-off switch; unit can go into a “mute” or “standby” mode, but seems like a waste of electricity

  • Will disable/by-pass an expensive sound card if one is on your system

OVERALL: Highly recommended if you can afford it

Alternatives: If one of the problems above is a showstopper for this system, my recommendation would be to look at the Klipsch systems. - Customer Reviews: Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System - Graphite/Silver


Walmart Review by Dale :star::star::star::star::star:

The best

I bought these about 8 years ago. I work in an aircraft hangar, lots of other radios out there in the hangar but they are nothing compared to these. I plug my iPod into it and crank it ...not that it needs to be cranked, have had people asking me to turn it down because they can't hear theirs . The bass is beyond amazing, the speakers have amazing it, worth every penny. Sounds better than most home stereos ..really can't say enough about this system..if you love your music then buy this - Customer Reviews: Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System - Graphite/Silver


@patadm this is cool


Here is a nice video

Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System


Best Buy Review by StillWorld :star::star::star::star::star:

Impressive speakers with caveats

I bought these to replace my Comapnion 3 that I have had for 6 or 7 years. These are simply the best speakers if you know what you're buying. Build quality is unmatched, footprint is convenient and acoustic depth impressive. If you are looking for the hardest hitting bass at high volume look elsewhere. If you want the best sound possible then go with a good sound card, receiver and monitors + sub. In comparison to the Companion 3 the mids and highs are a good bit more robust and bass is the same intensity; overall balance is superior to the C3 system. The surround sound is impressive and accurate. Where these speakers are unique is that they provide rich sound even at low volumes which competitors in this class cannot match. Corsair, Klipsch and Creative may have a stronger sub but they are historically unbalanced when playing at low volumes. These speakers only compete if you are sitting in their intended field of sound; stepping outside the intended field degrades the robustness exponentially. This is important because if you want something that sounds amazing as you move about your home that isn't what these are intended for and they fall flat. These speakers connect via USB so they negate the need/benefit of a good sound-card as the signal processing and amplification all takes place onboard the acoustimass module. An unintended benefit of the Bose design is that the speakers can't suicide themselves by blowing. If they exceed their design the frequency is scaled back. If you're looking for robust and balanced sound at a "normal" volume while sitting in front of a computer without any additional hardware these speakers are unmatched. If you want brute force at high volumes that produces bass heavy tones and you couldn't care less for 5.1 surround, then these speakers will let you down for the money. - Customer Reviews: Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System - Graphite/Silver