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  • Deep, clear sound enhanced by exclusive TriPort technology for crisp highs and natural-sounding lows
  • Proprietary Stay Hear tips, in three sizes, conform to your ear’s shape to stay comfortably in place all day
  • Sweat and weather-resistant
  • engineered and tested for lasting quality and durability
  • Matching protective carrying case included
  • Headphone Type: Earbud
    Sport Headphones
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Amazon Review by J. Scholle :star::star::star::star::star:

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Detailed unbiased review.

I've had these headphones for about a year. They replaced my older bose headphones that I had previously owned for a couple years till I wore them out. I'll break this review down into categories:

Durability: 8/10 I am very active and exercise almost daily. I have taken these headphones on runs in the winter, summer (even 120 degree heat and high humidity in the desert), hikes in the mountains, and time at the gym. They have held up incredibly well and show no signs of wear yet. My last pair, an older model, was ruined from sitting in a sauna and then walking out into the winter cold. The change of temperature eventually warped the rubber and exposed some wires, but that was my fault. ANYWAY, I’d say for the extreme climates and amount of running and exercise I put these through they hold help really well. I am pretty careful with them and I gave them an 8/10 because the wires are pretty thin and if they were snagged or pinched by anything the would easily break, but not any easier than other headphones…treat them well and they’ll last forever.

Sound: I have run soundboard at churches for a couple years now, and I enjoy good quality audio so hopefully this adds some credit to my review. I own some PolkAudio over-ear headphones, Klipsch Computer speakers, high end sound in my car and I’ve listened to many different headphones. I’d easily say that these have above average sound quality. People have different tastes and perceptions of sound so what I hear might be different for you.
Loudness: I work in mechanic shops and I probably have a little hearing loss so I listen to my music pretty loud, these headphones definitely put out loud volume without any clarity/detail loss in the sound quality. At loud volumes people around shouldn’t be too bothered by the noise because they do a pretty good job of directing the sound into your ear. I didn’t want to be “that guy” bothering everyone around me with my headphones turned up loud.
Bass: is as good as you can get with such a small speaker and comfortable fit. I’d say it produces well balanced bass for most music but it’s nothing that will rattle your brain. If you’re all about bass than go get some over the ear headphones.
Mids: great
High: great
Overall: well balanced sound at all ends of the frequency scale. No loss in clarity at higher volumes. These won’t blow your mind with high quality audio (they’re tiny little speakers…they’re going to have limitations obviously)

Comfort: This is probably the biggest selling point for me. I have many times literally fallen asleep in my bed for hours with these headphones in my ear. While other headphones can be very uncomfortable while lying on your ear, these feel great. You can literally lie your head on top of the headphone and you’ll only feel slight pressure inside your ear, but nothing that is painful. After waking up with these in my ears all night my ear has never been sore. While sitting/standing/walking/running these barely feel like they’re in your ear. They’re the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever used and sit very naturally in your ear. They don’t extend very far down inside your ear either which I appreciate. Another great benefit is that they STAY IN YOUR EAR. As I said, I run and exercise A LOT, sleep with them in, hike, etc… and I’ve never had them come out of my ear. They’ll take a good strong tug to pull them out of your head (and when/if that happens they’re so soft it doesn’t hurt your ear). I’d have to say that the comfort and secureness of these headphones are alone worth the price.

Mic/inline control/cord: The mic works extremely well, I use this all the time to make phone calls and facetime. I’ve never had an issue with it and everyone on the other end can hear me clearly. It picks up a little noise around so I wouldn’t use it in a busy/loud environment, but it works great when you’re alone in a car or on a trail somewhere. The controls work great and are in a good location on the cord. The cord is plenty long to reach down to your pants pocket or to set on a desk while sitting. No issues there.

About the only possible downside (depending on your preferences) is the noise isolation. These do not have active noise cancelation and are not designed for noise isolation. These headphones let in a decent amount of ambient noise around you. I prefer this because I like to hear cars coming, and people around me. I like to be aware of what’s going on around me and these let me do just that. They do not block out a lot of sound so if you plan on using these for commuting on a bus or plane then perhaps another pair of headphones would be better (like over the ear headphones). Again, this depends on your personal preference, I like hearing a little of my surroundings so I don’t get mauled by a bear or hit by a car or something crazy.

I hope this helps give you a neutral opinion on these headphones. I think bose deserves to sell them at a higher price because there is nothing on the market that is as comfortable and reliable as these. - Customer Reviews: Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones - Charcoal


Walmart Review by bhs :star::star::star::star::star:

This is what i am talking about !!

After the horrid experience with the ultra's, i got these instead. It made listening to music better with the added feature of being "sturdier", for exercising and the comfort.The eartips are comfortable, just like the MIE2's and the wire seems to have a better feel to it. The case is designed better overall. Just tangles a bit when stored in that circular fashion, but that is the least of the worries ! You DID NOT disappoint on these for sure ... - Customer Reviews: Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones - Charcoal


Best Buy Review by MostinterestingMan :star::star::star::star::star:

I don't always review products, but when I do..

I don't always review products, but when I do.. I surely like them. First off, this is coming from someone who has DESPISED IEMs (In-Ear-Monitors). That statement already shows my audiophile bias..tee hee. Most have never stayed in my ears. Big tips, small tips... They fall out, no proper seal. Hated them. Even IEMS with "over the ear clasp" don't provide proper seal, so i'm left with a sub-par, un-isolated loose sound and constantly attempting to re-adjust whilst working out, casually sitting. WHAT ARE THESE???? Well, these are F***** good. Good BOSE quality, Low end is there. Even though these don't technically "go inside your ear drum, they do feel that way. The rubber vertical piece that fits behind that wierd flap in your upper ear i thought would be a gimmick.. NOPE! It fastens that bad boy right in there. I've tried other products (beats, cough, don't buy) and they just fall out. I can break-dance in these things and not worry about them falling out. It's almost like BOSE took time to test and engineer the Human EAR. If you like good* sound and something that just doesn't fall out...these are for you. No these aren't noise cancelling, but honestly, do you really need noise cancelling with 50% or more volume??? And to the reviewers who say these don't produce the necessary "amplitude", you are completely wrong. IEMS themselves are not usually powered so your "DEVICE" is the one that has to provide power via their respective AMP. I'm using on Galaxy S5 backup device and Nexus 6P and there is PLENTY of amplitude at 50%. Don't believe the haters, seriously, they know nothing about sound dynamics. Go grab these if you want a quality product that stays in, feels incredibly comfortable for hours, and sticks to the BOSE philosophy. Bose did not pay me for this review, but they should. Also try the Bose Sound link Mini and Mini 2, Best Bluetooth speaker in their respective classes bar none. (sound dynamic is redic) Experience: Producer/Engineer/ Mixer/ Performer - Customer Reviews: Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones - Charcoal