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  • Clear, room-filling sound from a compact speaker that fits easily around your home
  • Works with your home Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth devices so you can play almost anything you can imagine.
  • One-touch access to music services (Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora), internet radio and music library playlists with six personalized presets
  • Powerful control with the SoundTouch app for your smartphone or tablet
  • Part of an entire family of Bose wireless products
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Amazon Review by Randall Graham :star::star::star::star::star:

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If you are going to buy these I would recommend buying the 20 series 3

I have all three units (10, 20 series 3 and 30 series 3) and here are my impressions. If you are going to buy these I would recommend buying the 20 series 3. There's nothing wrong with the other two models - the 20 is just the best value in my opinion. The 10 lacks the LCD display on the front, it's quite big enough for larger rooms, and it doesn't have a network port. The 30 is a bit louder and larger than the 20 but I find the 20 to be powerful enough to handle any room indoors. Maybe the 30 would be good outside or in a gymnasium setting but I just don't feel its necessary in a regular house. The sound on all three are clear and rich - you get more bass sound from the 20 and 30. Some people say they are bass or treble heavy but I like the sound and you can always equalize your music if you wanted. Setup : some have complained about the setup being hard - I did all of mine from an Iphone 6 and each one was simple. For wireless you need to hold the 2 and volume down for 5 seconds to enable the wireless setup on the unit. The LCD on the 20 and 30 will also reflect this which is handy. Once it is in setup mode you will connect to it via your wifi setting on your phone - then launch the Bose app and setup the device. Pretty simple to me and took just a minute. If you hardwire the speaker then you need to turn your wifi on and connect to your home wifi and then launch the Bose app to setup. Either way it was quick and easy. Now for the real shining star as to why I bought these. My wife is not technically inclined - so simplicity is a huge bonus in any electronic setup for her. After a few weeks of ownership I can tell you that it was a success. Being able to hit a single button and have her music start is awesome to her. The remotes are easy to use and you can use any remote with any unit so that is nice. She is very happy and now listens to music all the time. I find it pretty nice too that you can have 6 presets so she has a few and I do as well making it real easy to just pop on my music in my room while she's listening to hers upstairs. As far as connecting to your music there are multiple ways. You can pair each speaker via bluetooth if you want to listen directly from your phone or such. It works fine when I tried it - no dropouts though I didn't test it long. Mine are all setup on the network and I will say they have been solid. Two are wired in and the other is wireless and I have had maybe two dropouts over many hours of playing on the wireless ones. The wired ones play solidly of course. And the dropout was about a second or two before it continued on so no big deal in my book - I am probably a bit far away and getting low signal where I have it placed. My library is on a WD my cloud drive I bought for this setup and it works perfectly. All my files are in flac format and no issues there either. I can't speak for using it with itunes or windows media player but if you get a my cloud for about 150 it will certainly make it simple. A couple final notes. Being able to play your music on all devices at the same time requires the use of the app as far as I can tell. The process to link them all is simple but it would be nice if there was a way to do it from the remote - maybe I haven't found out how yet but I don't think it is possible. Also, my home internet connection went down once and for some reason it seemed to make the app hiccup when I launched it - I tried it a few times - it would work but only after sitting for a bit and sometimes throwing me a message about my wifi. I think that it might try to send out some data and have to timeout before continuing but I don't know and it wasn't a big enough deal for me to investigate. That's everything I can think of regarding these units so I hope that helps.

Bottom line - If you decide to buy I think you will enjoy them but I recommend to stick with the model 20 for best value. - Customer Reviews: Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Speaker - Black


Walmart Review by Alecg01 :star::star::star::star::emptystar:


Great design, amazing sound quality and pretty easy to use and setup. The only thing that this speaker needs is support for Apple Music so I can play my music from my account. Right now I have to use Bluetooth to play my music library (which works great). But if Apple Music was supported for this product, I would be able to use the presets and more of the features(without just using pandora or iHeartRadio). Please solve this issue, I'm sure many Apple Music users would benefit from this. Thank you! - Customer Reviews: Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Speaker - Black


check out this youtube video

Bose SoundTouch Sound System Family - Overview


Best Buy Review by bay11 :star::star::star::star::star:

Flexible wifi speaker from trusted name

I am a Bose fan and when I found out that they have wifi speaker, I was hooked. I use my Soundtouch 20 every day. But let's be fair and compare its features. The presets are nice feature, where you don't even need to have your phone around and you just need to press the preset to listen to your playlists. Note that it only store 1 playlist into each preset number. Bluetooth is nice. I connect my Lenovo Horizon 27 All-In-One PC to the speaker via bluetooth. Every time I turn on my computer, or wake it up from standby, it connects to the speaker right away. (Also a bad thing when I'm listening to my Spotify, the music was interrupted and it connects to the PC which has no sound yet, until you play something. If I want to go back to my Spotify, I just hit 1 of the preset number).

The remote is a good thing to have. You can press 1 of the 6 presets, pause music, or skip to next song. It does not need direct contact to the speaker to work.

I have not tried the Airplay feature yet so not sure how it works.

It has a AUX connection, which is good to connect your TV or other source to the speaker.

And don’t forget, this one has the quality sound, which is expected from Bose. You can adjust the Base from the controller App. No treble adjustment, however. No distortion when turn on max. It is overall a nice sound in a nice package.

Now my only problem is to fork out $200 for another Soundtouch speaker :frowning: - Customer Reviews: Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Speaker - Black