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  • Redesigned with a slimmer profile and fresh, new colors
  • Softly padded headband, memory-foam ear cushions, Doesn’t include active noise cancelling technology.
  • Made to stay comfortable, playlist after playlist
  • built to survive your busy life. SoundTrue headphones are not wireless. However, the single cable does detach for easy storage with less tangling.
  • Fold-flat ear cups and a matching carrying case makes them easy to take anywhere
  • Inline mic/remote for select iPod, iPhone and iPad models
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Amazon Review by Mr. Rossi :star::star::star::star::star:

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Value for $100! i recommend at least skimming my review before buying

I did a lot of research on these headphones before settling on them. 5 Stars is for the price of $100. I don't believe i would have payed the original $180.

I believe these maybe the most comfortable headphones on the market. You will be hard pressed to find something so lightweight. This is what almost every review i cross checked agrees on. in other words the comfort is UNDENIABLE

Ok BASS ! everyone is moaning and groaning about bass or lack thereof, let me put this into context. The bass response is clear and beautiful. It is deep on only some songs and it adds depth to them it is not just over the top bass. So if your a bass fanatic, steer clear and buy some subwoofers. Can i say rock music sounds fantastic on these headphones, wow…
I recommend listening to: Everybody loves me - One republic. On another system - car speakers, home speaker, other headphones and then listen to it on these headphones. The difference is astonishing. The drums sound like i am in the studio next to drummer himself.

The sound is so pristine that i usually maintain the volume 3-4 deviations under the max volume. I never ever put max when i am jamming. its unnecessary. Some songs are much higher/lower than other and therefore require adjusting but that is usually not the case. And even on the lower set songs i don’t need to max out. I notice that the closer you get to max the cleaner the sound - instead of distortion you get more clarity which is impressive.
So think about that, i NEVER put it at max, to put this into context - i have a $100 pair of seinheisser In ear momentum 2 (ear buds) and i find myself at max often.

Isolation - They isolate so well that if i am rapping along to all the words of a song in my house i CANNOT hear myself! that is insane. I have to scream to be able to hear my voice. and mind you this is not at max volume.

Looks - I would compare this to a Stock Honda civic Si. Clean and Sleek, but not eye catching or breathtaking. As a matter of fact if what you are looking for is based on attractiveness, you could do much better.

I want to clarify something that a few amazon reviews and even video reviews spoke of, that is: that plastic on the headphones felt cheap. I disagree whole heartedly because it looks like it was constructed to be lightweight on purpose, but the feeling of cheap never came across.
Ok once last thing the cord is kinda long so you will be in a good place if you try and buy something to wrap the cord and adjust it when you need less or more. Actually the cord is the only thing that feels cheap. the adjusting for the size of your head is very crisp it doesn’t move without some strong pull, feels sturdy.

One last thing that gets overlooked, the kbps will definitely affect the listening experience. so a song at 320 Kbps is going to sound way better than the same song at 190 kbps. I can already tell which of my songs are lower quality when i listen with these headphones.

I love that the cord and the ear muff can be replaced. - Customer Reviews: Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II - Apple devices, Charcoal


Walmart Review by Francois83 :star::star::star::star::star:

Best value for money

Ive received a complimentary pair of the Bose SoundTrue headphones II from Bose for review purposes and I am happy to report that these are probably the best value for money pair of headphones that Bose make.

For one they are extremely light (Im talking about forgetting you have headphones on light) and exceptionally comfortable cushioning (which I can only assume is memory foam) in the cups which make them ideal for long periods of use.

The Sound quality is exceptional and although they do not have the Active noise cancellation that the QC25 model has, they offer phenomenal noise isolation from outside noise. Sounds are crisp and clean and lows are rich.

I found them ideal for working on my computer or tablet for extended periods of time.

If you combine those facts and the price being almost half the price of the QC25s and very similar sound quality and design, they are in my opinion very good value for money.

I can wholeheartedly recommend these headphones to anyone. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] - Customer Reviews: Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II - Apple devices, Charcoal


Best Buy Review by Acjacj :star::star::star::star::star:

Great sound, very comfortable

I read a lot of positive and negatives reviews before buying these. I got them on sale for $90 and feel these are an exceptionally good buy At that price. My purpose for buying these was basic enjoyment of music and movies and I couldn't be happier with these headphones for those purposes. Overall, the sound is great. There are some songs that I found once I adjusted the EQ on my iPod, the sound got even better. As for watching TV or movies on an iPad, these are so comfortable you can fall asleep in them. If you are looking for a basic, comfortable, great sounding, all around pair of headphones you'll be very satisfied with these. I'm not sure I would pay the full $179 retail for these but up to $129 is a price I'd be comfortable with for these headphones. - Customer Reviews: Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II - Apple devices, Charcoal