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  • Introduces baby to animals, shapes, colors, numbers and more
  • Large, soft buttons on fabric screen are easy for baby to press
  • Features 5 colorful lights that dance across the screen
  • Slider switch activates silly sounds
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Amazon Review by Jess :star::star::star::star::star:

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great little song/sound player for babies/toddlers

This was smaller than I thought it would be - which is actually good as it's a nice size for my baby to hold in the stroller. The front cover has a soft-ish fabric on top - so the baby isn't pressing directly onto hard plastic. I purchased it for ten bucks and it was well worth that price. It blinks different colors and plays cute traditional tunes ("pop goes the weasel," etc) and makes cute sounds and expressions. At 22 months, my baby loves it - but she would have gotten more use out of it if I had purchased this a year ago. She also loves LeapFrog's Learn and Groove Player. - Customer Reviews: Bright Starts Lights and Sounds Fun Pad


Walmart Review by VeryHappyWIMom :star::star::star::star::star:

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Surprisingly Good for Baby

We all know kids can be rough with things, which is why I got this tablet for my baby boy. I wanted to keep him away from my own electronics (tablets & laptops). He has his own. Of course then we "lost" it for a few months. I didn't expect him to leave it outside, but that's what happened ... all through a winter in Wisconsin ... buried beneath several feet of snow in temps that dropped well below zero for weeks at a time. Much to my surprise, we found it! Went outside to play on first real good warm day of the year and saw the FunPad tablet. I fully expected it to be ruined. Flipped switch on fired right up with lights and music!

Yep, I’m a happy Mommy. LOL

My much more expensive electronics would’ve never survived, but this “FunPad” tablet certainly did! So now my little one is joyfully playing with HIS “lappy top toys” and not Mommy’s. :slight_smile:

Only Con is that I know he’ll soon outgrow the simple music & flashing lights and want one that does much more. Hope I can find a replacement as sturdy as this one, but I doubt it. - Customer Reviews: Bright Starts Lights and Sounds Fun Pad


@michigan this is cool



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