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  • Scans single and double-sided documents in a single pass, in both color and black/white, at up to 16 ppm
  • Wireless network connectivity, plus USB interface for local connections
  • Easy-to-use TouchPanel display allows one-touch scanning to common destinations
  • Easily scans business and embossed plastic I.D. cards, receipts, photos, and documents up to 34"^ in length through the 20-page auto document feeder
  • Bundled with a valuable suite of scanning software, including desktop document, receipt and business card management programs
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Amazon Review by Darin Grey :star::star::star::star::star:

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Thorough Review: Speed, features, wireless, and size.

Scans super fast, ADF(automatic document feeder) works great, paper should be straight without crumbled edges to ensure good feed scans. Stand-alone product can scan directly to USB drive(not provided) or a running computer. This model does not scan to email or ftp as a scan to email or ftp you'll need to use the provided software on your computer to do so. (this is important to know as I thought differently when I purchased, but still rated 5 stars based on it's other options).

To setup the item, I used a wireless laptop with a usb connected for preliminary setup. The software found the unit, found the wireless SSID name, and applied my settings to the device. From my Windows 7 desktop and Windows 8 laptops it found the device rather easily as well (once it was connected to the wireless network). For example (Windows 7) You just go to “Start” ->“control panel” -> “View devices and printers” -> “add a device” -> “find the ADS-1000W” and add it. Then use the software in the package or your own favorite software to scan and create PDF’s, JPGs etc.

Speed: When scanning black and white images over the wireless the sheets feed through super quick and it gets transmitted to the computer or usb stick(not provided) very quick too… Business speed ready in my opinion. As for full hi-resolution color, it scans a bit slower(but still fast compared to others) but it transmits over the wireless a little too slow due to the size of the PDF or JPG it’s transmitting over your wireless network. If you’re scanning 2 or 3 hi-res images the time to transmit it to your computer via wireless is tolerable, but if you plan on scanning 10 to 15 hi-res images/documents to one PDF, plugging in the direct USB connection might be your best bet. (I didn’t try the 10 to 15 hi-res documents to test out the speed, I’m only estimating based on the 2 hi-res color documents time to transmit over wirreless to my PC.)

I’ve personally tested this device on Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Standard and used 1 gig USB drive for direct scanning in stand-alone mode. (stand-alone mode meaning no computer necessary)

ONE MORE GREAT FEATURE: when scanning to a LOCAL USB drive in stand-alone mode, the scanner scans both sides of the document at once which SAVES huge amounts of time on duplex documents. The unit is perfect desktop size. The paper feeder has hinges which allows it to fold down and close up to a small rectangular box (great for travel or just desk space savings) which automatically tells the device to go in standby mode. Also, when you unfold the paper feeder, it has two extra supports that extend the paper feeder another 6 inches beyond what the stock picture shows which gives the paper more support when you have a larger stack of 8.5 x 11. This extension allows for better paper support to keep the papers straight while being fed into the machine. This model DOES not have a LCD digital display (another model above this I think does, but it’s not necessary), It has a smooth touch pad like a laptop that has 6 static icons that light up for different functions (like scan directly to usb, start scan, scan to pc1,scan to pc2, stop scan, usb is connected).

Sheet feeder holds 20 sheets I think the specs say so if you scan a large number of documents then you might want to look at the 50 sheet feeder option on another Brother model. For small contracts and home documents it works perfect. They also include a clear “wrapping sheet” that is used to scan different sized items such a receipts. This clear sheet keeps small receipts from getting jammed. I also noticed on the back it has a place to scan cards like licenses, business cards etc. I haven’t tried that option yet though.

Overall great product with business like speed, great options, great quality in a small compact unit. - Customer Reviews: Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking


check out this youtube video

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Walmart Review by Drydzinski :star::star::star::star::star:

So far so good!

I don't have a lot of experience with scanners so I don't have much to compare this to. That said, my ADS-1000W is working great. Installation was easy and it's scanned everything well so far. - Customer Reviews: Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking


Best Buy Review by ScannerMan :star::star::star::star::star:

Awesome scanner

This scanner blows away any flatbed. It scans both sides in seconds and is crystal clear. - Customer Reviews: Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking