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  • Besteker New Camcorder: Supports 270 degree rotation with 3.0 inches TFT-LCD and fill-in infrared light.
  • COMS Sensor Camera: Max to 24 Mega pixels, big storage media up to 32GB, supports standard tripod and SD/SDHC card( please note that the tripod and SD card are not included)
  • Long lasting Battery: 1*NP-40, 3.7V 1250mAh Li-ion battery (included).It should be charged for more than 8 hours before use,then 3 hours will be enough. When the battery is fully charged, it can take videos up to 2.5 hours,and pictures 3.5 hours.
  • Camcorder Features: HD camera camcorder,face capture, auto power-off, anti-shake, with internal microphone, speaker, LED light, USB2.0, and TV output. Equipped with safety tether.
  • Lightweight and small camcorder: Easy to carry and store, perfect to be a gift and record your special lovely moments.
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Amazon Review by Kellee Rodman :star::star::star::star::star:

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Wonderful Helpful company and so far a wonder camcorder as it went to a 12 year old.

I bought this as a Christmas Present - I was concerned about how long it was taking to get to me but the company responded to me with a tracking number which relieved my anxiety. I was asked for a camcorder as a present so my niece's son as he wanted to record skate boarders. He was very specific that the viewer had to turn upwards so he could see it better. I looked on the internet and noticed this was so reasonable and for his age of 12 I felt it was perfect. Then to top it off I saw that it was rated #2 as the most wanted in a list of 10. I could not let me repeat I could not overlook this do to the specifications from the person receiving it but even bigger was because of price. Every thing I was seeing was over $250 and with the price of this and his age you didn't have to ask me twice. You should have seen his face when he opened it for Christmas. The box had a silver etched picture of the camcorder so he just light up and I believe there was a squeal or scream or something on that lines to know he was very very pleased. He had all the buttons figured out before I could turn around, literally as I turned to see if his sister was happy with her gift and when I looked back he was already taking pictures and recordings. - Customer Reviews: Camera Camcorders, Besteker Portable 1080P 24MP 16X Digital Zoom Video Camcorder with 2.7" LCD and 270 Degree Rotation Screen