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  • Built-in Wireless with Easy Setup
  • Mobile Device Printing: Easily print from your iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet
  • Powerful Printing options: Air print, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, Canon PRINT app and more
  • Remarkable print quality with deeper blacks and vivid reds
  • Print Instagram and Facebook photos directly from smartphone or tablets
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Walmart Review by brktracer :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

Worst printer I have ever used

I've had this mg6821 for over a year now. It is junk. Photo quality is horrible. The photos are all splotchy and edges are dull not sharp like a real photo. The amount of downloading for the driver is unreasonable. I just want to hit print and get a photo. Trying to figure out the software is miserable. It is extremely clunky and cumbersome. Ink runs out very quickly and is very expensive. Cartriges are small. Horrible printer. I'm about to take it to the driveway and hit it with a big sledge hammer. This is the last Cannon printer I will ever own. My 10 year old Epson was 100 times better. 1 star is too generous. - Customer Reviews: Canon MG6821 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier: Mobile and Tablet Printing with Airprint and Google Cloud Print compatible


Amazon Review by Neil Isenberg :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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Why MG6820 shoppers might prefer the MG7720, and Suggestions for saving money on ink

Review for: Canon MG6820 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier


This is the new middle-of-the-line for the Canon MG PIXMA all-in-one line between the MG5720 and MG7720. This is the Fall 2015 replacement for the MG6620. The photo quality, text quality, photo speed, and value are excellent for THE PRICE RANGE, though I suggest considering spending a little more for the MG7720 (see below).

The MG6820 produces VERY GOOD QUALITY PHOTOS, though the MG7720 can produce higher quality photos with its higher resolution and gray ink cartridges for more color (and black & white) tone accuracy.

The MG6820 gives the well-reviewed STRONG TEXT performance (for an inkjet) that all PIXMA MG printers offer and with the permanence of pigment ink for black text, too.

Compared to the MG6620 that it is replacing, the MG6820 has:

(1) New INKS (PGI-270, CLI-271) including a DARKER BLACK and a DEEPER (aka brighter/“redder”) RED (magenta). For art, logos, decorative text, etc. the red will be BRIGHTER, more vivid. This ink’s red is an effort to bring some of the photo magenta ink benefits from the PRO series to the single red cartridge. The red in a photo of a flag is more colorful, a bit less dull, for example.

(2) MOPRIA for android 4.4+ devices to greatly improve printing web pages from cell phones and tablets (you can print from Apple mobile devices (iOS), too, of course, however this improvement is only relevant to android devices)

Both the other new PIXMA MG models, the MG5720 and MG7720, have these two improvements, as well.

Note that if you also need an ADF (automatic document feeder) or a built-in fax look at the MX printers instead of the MG ones among the Canon models.


Consider getting the more upscale MG7720 instead of the MG6820. Here are some additional features you get with the MG7720 that don’t come with the other two new MG PIXMA printers (MG5720/MG6820) to help you weigh the differences:

(1) MG7720 has a PAPER CASSETTE TRAY to keep paper flat and covered. Without a cassette tray you are bending the paper stack up when closing the printer, leaving the paper uncovered to collect dust, or putting the paper in each time it is needed. This alone I think is worth the additional cost.

(2) MG7720 has 9600x2400 dpi for much higher color resolution. For testing to see best results, use photo paper like Canon Paper Plus Glossy II, select high resolution, and select photo paper in the printer setup.

(3) MG7720 has GRAY color ink cartridge for more COLOR (and black and white) tone accuracy (think skin tone).

(4) MG7720 has 110% faster photos for borderless 4x6 photos.

(5) MG7720 has ETHERNET allowing a solid, simple shared/network wired connection that stays up even when computers are down.

(6) MG7720 scanning is much higher resolution, 1200x2400 vs. 2400x4800. Note that applications requiring scan resolution that high are not very common and you would want a different product for negative scanning.

(7) MG7720 can do direct printing onto CD/DVDs.

(8) MG7720 has a separate photo paper cassette drawer.

(9) MG7720 is almost an inch less wide.

All this for not that much more, I hope this list helps you to comfortably consider which is the better deal for you.

(as of late 2014):

(Most folks can skip this section)

Replacing one of the popular MG5320/MG5420 or MG6220/MG6320 printers of a few generations ago?

I suggest the MG7720 to replace the popular MG5320/MG5420 or MG6220/MG6320 of a few generations ago in order to retain all their best features and specifications, despite the first digit of their model numbers. For example all those older printers above had a paper cassette drawer like the MG7720.

All the newer 6000 series models (ex: MG6820, MG6620) AFTER the MG6320 don’t have Ethernet nor Gray ink, are missing top-of-the line printing resolution among the MG models, and other features. Starting at MG6420 the 6000 series took a big step BACKWARDS feature-wise and the then new 7000 series took over the mantle of top-of-the-line for the MG printers.

The MG7720 predecessors in order are MG7520, MG7120, MG6320, and MG6220, all which had Ethernet, Gray ink, highest color printing resolution, and were all the top-of-the line models of the MG series at their time.

I bothered to put this section in especially for those folks replacing an older 6000 series printer like the MG6220/6320 and may not be aware of these changes.


(1) See below consideration to set it to not automatically shut-off to reduce ink wastage.

(2) To save on ink, don’t use “Grayscale” in printer settings when printing black & white output unless color accuracy of the shades of black is far more important than ink conservation. If you set for Grayscale, black output will mix the 3 colors and gray to get shades of black.

(3) Use Canon paper when you need optimal results with their ink, and test matte vs. glossy. Matte is much less expensive and may meet most of your needs. Let me know in comments if anyone finds a comparable quality and yet significantly less costly photo paper for this printer, I’d like to test it out.

Canon Paper Plus Glossy II is the classic more affordable option used in photo samples from Canon. The gloss gives a cleaner image with sharper color. An alternative, Canon Pro Platinum paper, adds many more years to a photo. In the end it is a personal preference, some people prefer semi-gloss or matte for some images or artwork.

(4) Make sure the source image is high resolution, for example some scans of some photos may not produce enough resolution to give us a source with a lot of resolution to print from. A scan from a negative most often will, though note the MG series no longer has a printer for negative scanning.

(5) When using quality glossy paper/sheets, LET SHEETS DRY after photo printing at least 15+ MINUTES when using dye-based inks like most inkjet printers do at this price range. If you can, let them dry exposed to open air for 24 hours unstacked, but stacked with plain paper between them will work too. Don’t let them sit there stacked up in the output bin since they won’t be perfectly stacked naturally, causing the ink to dry differently in different places on the photo. Don’t use an air dryer or of course sunlight to dry them.

(6) When printing black & white, for example text, consider choosing the HIGH QUALITY setting (and perhaps set it as the default) in the printer page set-up, it really makes a difference (though it is slower and uses more ink).

(7) In case of POWER OUTAGE, it is sometimes necessary to unplug it for A FEW MINUTES and then plug it back in. This allows capacitor discharge. Thanks to Karen for the heads up on this in a comment for a different PIXMA MG printer.

(8) Another reviewer “G. Stewart” (for a predecessor model) found the solution to getting Avery labels to print on MG printers that have trouble with them is to peel off the label at the top of the Avery label sheet.

(9) As soon as you can after getting your printer, print samples of full color, b&w, borderless photos, etc. Determine if you have a lemon before you get too busy with other things so you can exchange for a good one while it is easy to do. These are complicated machines with lots of parts.


Anyone researching Ink Jet Printers will likely be concerned about ink costs. Here are 6 things you can do to mitigate this:

  • Buy the XL versions of the ink, this is supposed to reduce the cost per color page to a very competitive 13-14 cents per page (vs. 16-19 cents). I’ve seen reputable reviewers put the cost as low as 9-12 cents per color page, so the full real world range might be 9-14 cents per reasonably covered color page depending on many factors.

  • As referred to above, don’t choose to print Grayscale if printing black and white, unless color reproduction accuracy of shades of black is far more important than ink conservation for that printout.

  • Turn off the automatic shut-off. Standby mode uses 1.0W, so on standby even all year uses around 9kWh/yr., so around $1/yr depending on where you live. This can help lessen the number of ink using cleaning routines upon shutdown.

  • Avoid printing pages with solid or heavily colored background when possible.

  • Some fonts use 20-40% less ink than others. According to a leading consumer magazine, Times uses much less than Arial which uses much less than Calibri, for example.

  • Draft quality mode uses less ink than Standard (and is faster), and of course both use less ink than High quality mode. Note that text is much sharper at high quality.

  • When it says it is out of ink but you can’t tell which of the blinking cartridges is truly empty, use a kitchen scale that handles grams or hundredths of an ounce to find which is lightest/emptiest.

NOTE #1: If there is no printing for at least a month or so, unplug and plug it back in to help it move the ink a little and help keep the nozzles unclogged. If that doesn’t work, fire off a cleaning maintenance routine, which uses more ink though. If they clog up talk to Canon support for what is often an easy solution.

NOTE #2: Gray goes at a much different rate than the other colors, thus you wouldn’t want to measure average speed of ink usage based on gray.

NOTE #3: For those wondering about cleaning/maintenance routine which uses a lot of ink, this model range of Canon inkjet doesn’t do a big cleaning/purging after it prints, in fact that routine can only be fired-off on purpose manually. You are usually hearing head realignment. However, if you UNPLUG AND PLUG the printer it is supposed to force it to “prime the head” to keep the ink from clogging the print head and this uses a little ink (even for B&W). Just turning it off and on usually won’t force this.

Hope that helps someone :). - Customer Reviews: Canon MG6821 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier: Mobile and Tablet Printing with Airprint and Google Cloud Print compatible


Best Buy Review by lanikai85 :star::star::star::star::star:

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

I have owned every type and make of printer since there was only the dot matrix ones. This was my first Canon printer. Never would I have thought a $79.99 printer could do what this one does. It produces pictures like no other printer can. I am a photographer and believe me this reproduces what you see and capture through the view finder. I also learned something new from the salesman...THIS CANON COMPANY IS THE ONLY COMPANY THAT PROVIDES FULL INK CARTRIDGES IN YOUR NEW PRINTER AND ACTUALLY PUTS EXTRA INK TO FILL THE PRINT HEAD WHEN YOU SET IT UP. What's with the other companies??? The ink cartridges you get with a new printer from them only have half the ink in them. What the heck is that all about???? It's like buying a new car and going home the put the rest of the oil in it. I hope this post is read by anyone looking for a new printer... do like I did ask questions about all the printers...But Buy A Canon! - Customer Reviews: Canon MG6821 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier: Mobile and Tablet Printing with Airprint and Google Cloud Print compatible