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  • 57x (32.5-1853Mm) advanced zoom and Super range OIS.
  • Canon 3.28 Megapixel full HD CMOS image sensor.
  • Digic DV 4 image processor.
  • Minimum Focusing Distance-All other modes: 10mm (WIDE end), 1m across entire zooming range (from edge of lens).
  • However, approx. 50cm at tele macro setting established at this time (automatic movement to TELE end)
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Amazon Review by W. W. Howe :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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but it also takes a little work to understand how to get all the features working like I need them on it

This camera works well. It has an external microphone input, which I needed so I can be heard over the background noise in my machine shop. I could maybe have given 5 stars, because I have no problems with this camera at all, but it also takes a little work to understand how to get all the features working like I need them on it, and it only comes with a "quick start" paper book. The real manual is a PDF document, and it is not browser friendly because so many explanations reference details found on other pages. So lots of scrolling.

One feature I like is the on-screen focus. I think they call this a face tracking feature, but basically you touch the screen on any part and it sets the focus to there… that is useful when you have something in the middle of the screen you want to focus on and there are other objects further away. Often the regular autofocus feature gets stuck on the background somewhere, the face feature works well and is much faster than trying to manually focus the camera.

I get good quality full HD video at 30 FPS with stereo audio, the SD card is easy to access and pop into my computer. There is a USB port, and if I plug the camera in it recognizes it and the driver was installed automatically. But sucking the videos off the SD card is faster than the USB port, so I choose fast over easy. Overall, I have been happy with this purchase and if it was to meet with an accident, I would probably replace it with another just like it (especially since I know how to work it well now). - Customer Reviews: CanonVIXIA HF R800 Camcorder (Black)


Best Buy Review by Yomadda :star::star::star::star::star:

Great video camera for starters

Simple and easy to use. Great for beginners Many filters to use if you don't know how to edit videos Video quality it's pretty clear, you can set it up to 1080p which is HD The mic on this recorder is super clear Video recorder weight is pretty light feels like a feather in the palm of your hands it can also take clear HD pictures on this recorder Also has stabilizer to make your videos less rocky This camera is perfect for any event to use such as sports, graduation, family events etc. such a great camera. - Customer Reviews: CanonVIXIA HF R800 Camcorder (Black)


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