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  • RCA branded 2.1 Cubic Foot Portable Washer operates quietly with a noise level below 72 db
  • See-through viewing lid and stainless steel tub
  • Digital display reflects the remaining wash cycle time
  • Touchpad controls and LED indicator lights
  • 6 Fully automatic wash cycles: normal, quick, cotton, jeans, anti-wrinkle and air dry
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Amazon Review by RG :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Impossible to get warranty service

Great washer, but effectively has NO WARRANTY: I bought one of these "RCA" washers from Walmart, along with an extended warranty from Asurion. Absolutely worthless: Curtis International, the licensee of the RCA name, provides a "warranty" with the washer, but all of the contact information for the warranty is a toll-free number that is answered in India, and they DO NOT HAVE ANY INFORMATION OR SUPPORT OR ABILITY TO PROVIDE ANY SERVICE for washing machines. They will give you another phone number which reaches RCA TELEPHONES. And, if you call back again, they will give you another number for RCA TELEVISIONS. But, they have nothing else and will do nothing else. So, if you need warranty service (1-year warranty), it is IMPOSSIBLE TO GET. Asurion, which provides the 'extended warranty coverage' will complete the useless loop: they will say they're sorry, their coverage only applies AFTER the manufacturer warranty is over, and since it is under manufacturer warranty, they can't help - they can give you the phone number to the Indian call center that says they never heard of RCA washing machine nor can they provide service for it.

So, if you want to buy a washer that effectively has no warranty, go for a Curtis/RCA!
By the way, these washers are also sold with the ‘Magic Chef’ brand name, and MIDEA which is the actual Chinese manufacturer.
I also called Midea, but they claim the machines branded ‘RCA’ are not theirs and offer no support or service - they do say if you have a ‘Midea’ branded machine, they will ‘attempt’ to find someone locally to provide the warranty service. - Customer Reviews: Curtis RPW210 Rca 2.1 Cu Ft Portable Washer


Walmart Review by heebeegeebee :star::star::star::star::star:

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[You can see my old review for Magic Chef 2.1 cf. Washer under the user name okwellthen]

Purchased Magic Chef 2.1 cf. washer less than 3 years ago (with 3yr extended warrantythank God), and a feature that was on the Magic Chef (that is not on this RCA 2.1 cf. washer) that locks the lid shut while in use began to fail (common problem for that older model) Thankfully it happened before extended warranty was over :slight_smile: Walmart Extended Warranty credited back full amount of purchase due to no service/repair center in my area It was an excellent washing machine!

So immediately started shopping Walmart online for replacement, and found that this RCA was cheaper though same washer as Magic Chef but with different label

Ordered this RCA online WITH 4 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY using the credited money received from warranty claim, picked it up at local Walmart within a week this machine is just as good as the Magic Chef was only it’s a newer, more improved model :slight_smile:

Works great! Love it! Buy it with the extended warranty! You won’t be sorry! - Customer Reviews: Curtis RPW210 Rca 2.1 Cu Ft Portable Washer


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