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  • Engaging video experience: Maximize your entertainment experience with rich and vibrant colors across wide viewing angles in Full HD resolution, a sleek screen.
  • Stylish design: Enjoy the elegance of thin, glossy bezels, a sturdy base, and intuitive capacitive touch buttons.
  • Reliable and easy to use: Built to comply with the latest environmental and regulatory standards, legacy and future-ready PCs with VGA and DVI ports. Protected by an Advanced Exchange Service and Warranty.
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Amazon Review by Amazon Customer :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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Artificial sharpness problem; great otherwise

As a whole the monitor is pretty good. I like everything about it, except for one thing that is REALLY disappointing.

This monitor has a “sharpness” setting that cannot be turned off. Setting it to 50% leaves subtle halos around edges, and turning it down to 40% (the next lowest setting) slightly blurs the edges of shapes horizontally. Being able to set the sharpness setting to about 45% looks like it would solve this problem, although it’s impossible to reach that setting. I would hope that I just got a monitor with a hardware defect that offsets the correct setting by about 5%, but this is probably unlikely.

While most people would never notice this, working with certain images reveals this flaw. Take a look at the “sharpness” test on the Lagom LCD test page. My monitor looks either like the “too high” or “too low” images depending on the sharpness setting.

As someone who likes to do occasional graphic design, a monitor that took the time to add artificial sharpening to an otherwise pristine digital signal is a disappointment indeed. Especially since other monitors I’ve used that were LESS expensive and made of cheaper hardware had better image clarity (no artificial sharpness). The color and viewing angle on this monitor are very good indeed. The IPS glow is present, as expected, but very subtle which is nice.

Ironically, the whole reason I even considered a Dell monitor from the start was because other Dell monitors I’ve used in the past have passed the “sharpness” test with flying colors.

I’ve been using it for about a week now, and I’m still considering whether I should look for a replacement. Even though I like everything else about the monitor, this one flaw is just disappointing. - Customer Reviews: Dell S2316M 23.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor


Walmart Review by Admin :star::star::star::star::star:

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Great Deal

Just what we needed, at a great price - Customer Reviews: Dell S2316M 23.0" Screen LED-Lit Monitor


Here is a youtube video

Dell S2316M 23" Monitor Unboxing!