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  • Remarkable screen quality: Count on consistent, calibrated hues with Premier Color, WUXGA, up to 1920 x 1200 resolution and a 120% color gamut
  • Stunning color precision and performance: With Premier Color technology, this panel comes factory color calibrated to support 99% Adobe RGB which enables brilliant and accurate color hues and saturation.
  • Superb user experience: Convenience is at your fingertips with multiple connectivity ports, including USB 3.0, DisplayPort 1.2, mini-DisplayPort, DVI-D (HDCP) and HDMI
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Amazon Review by M. Dowdie :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Very good and recommended, but not without flaws

I've ordered 3 of the Dell U2413 monitors from sellers who use Amazon fulfillment (Prime eligible). The monitors arrived on time as usual with Amazon Prime shipments. They were double-boxed, which was nice to help protect them.

I am returning one of the three because it has a hard-to-ignore area of pink tinting at the bottom right corner near the power button. I expect better from a monitor selling at this price point and marketed as color calibrated.


  • The anti-glare coating used on this monitor is the best, which is to say least noticeable, I’ve ever seen on this type of monitor. It doesn’t make the monitor look dirty or grainy or sparkly like the aggressive coatings on many IPS monitors do. It just give a nice, clear, sharp picture and text. You may see a little bit of reflection in very bright light like sunlight shining through a window, but it is a good trade. I don’t like glossy monitors and the anti-glare coating used on many other matte IPS monitors strains my eyes. I think Dell has done a very good thing here and I consider this the key selling point for this monitor.

As an aside the less expensive Dell U2412M has an anti-glare coating that looks bad compared to the U2413 but is better than many others and acceptable to my eyes. That said, I wouldn’t buy a U2412M again now that the U2413 is available.

  • Color that is very good, at least to my eyes, after calibrating. It is a wide gamut monitor, so colors are richer than on a standard monitor but not overly saturated to the point of looking neon as was sometimes the case on my Dell 2408WFP. I would suggest investing in a calibration device such as the X-rite i1 Display 2 that I used in order to get the colors a bit more correct and natural looking that they are out of the box. I do not do professional photography, design, or other work that requires very precise color; but I am aware of color consistency and accuracy and am pickier than average about it.

  • Has most modern connectivity options including DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI. Notably missing is a VGA connection, but that’s not an issue for me or for many others buying this monitor I suspect. USB ports and card readers are a nice touch, but I don’t find them convenient to use so can’t really comment on how they work.

  • Stand rotates nicely to portrait and landscape, and is height adjustable, sturdy and not too large.

  • None of the panels I’ve seen had any bright or dark pixels, as has always been my experience so far with other Dell Ultrasharp monitors.


  • 2 of 3 panels I’ve tried have at least minor areas of pink tint at the bottom right near the power button and/or green tint at the bottom left corner. On one, the pink tint was bad enough that I’ve returned it. On another it is fairly minor. On a third, I don’t really see anything wrong at all. Others have reported this issue on Dell’s forums and other websites. Dell’s response was not helpful.

  • Some people are complaining about reverse ghosting or some blur when scrolling text. I can kind of see what they’re talking about, but it has not really been an issue for me. I am not gamer, so I’m more concerned with how still images look.

In conclusion, I think this is a good monitor for the price. I can live with some imperfections given the clear picture and text it provides, which are better than the older U2408WFP and the cheaper U2412M.

I’d recommend the monitor, but get it from a seller that allows easy returns (Amazon Fulfilment/ Prime Eligible helps there) and check it out thoroughly within the return window to make sure your particular panel doesn’t have any issues that bother you. - Customer Reviews: Dell Ultra Sharp U2413 23.8" Screen LED-Lit Monitor (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


Maybe this can help.

Dell Ultra Sharp U2413 23.8" Screen LED-Lit Monitor (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


Walmart Review by AaronF :star::star::star::star::star:


I have owned U2410 and U2711. They were decent monitors but always found the coating creates a slightly grainy effect. Whats more I found that the coating was not pleasing to or easy on my eyes. I read an extremely extensive review in a British magazine and figured I would give a try to the U2413. So I bought it and clearly the issue I had with the older version is gone. The new coating is not noticeable and lacks the shortcoming of the U2410. In addition I own the iPro2 Spectrometer and found that this new monitor has automated calibration. In other words I do not have to deal changing manually anything the software communicates with the hardware and adjusts both the monitor and creates an ICS file. The calibration was really easy and came up nearly perfect. I was so pleased I ordered the U2713H to replace my U2711. I have read some reviews herein and I must say some are misinformed. No matter how perfectly a Monitor is calibrated at the factory it will not work perfectly on a home computer which uses an imperfect not calibrated graphics card. Hence if one needs excellent results home calibration that offsets what your graphics card is sending out is a must. With this monitor it is a synch to calibrate and the results are excellent. - Customer Reviews: Dell Ultra Sharp U2413 23.8" Screen LED-Lit Monitor (Discontinued by Manufacturer)