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  • Cord-free. Hassle-free.
  • Up to 20 minutes of continuous suction. Trigger releases instantly. Battery power is only used for cleaning.
  • Motorized cleaner head cleans all floor types. Stiff nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt from carpets. Carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust from hard floors. Bristles cover its full width, allowing edge-to-edge cleaning.
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Walmart Review by Aiya :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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I was so excited to get a cordless Dyson that was for pet hair. I read the reviews and took a chance. It has powerful suction on Max. Unfortunately if the surface is uneven the beater bar just stops. It lasts only 20 minutes or less as others say on max. While its great on suction for particles and hair, it does not do pieces. Such as cat food, pieces of paper or strands of thin cardboard. You will need to pick these up by hand. Medium to shag carpeting just makes it overheat and the beater bar to stop. Its just brushes. Nothing real substantial. I was hoping to be overwhelmed and currently the only parts i really like is the cordless feature and suction of hair on solid surfaces. I use my traditional vac on the mattress and ottoman and it works great going around the sides. This not so much. I am not real happy and considering exchanging for a shark to try. If you have flat surfaces, low pile carpet this is great. Furniture and more then dust particles :(

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Amazon Review by I Do The Speed Limit :star::star::star::star::star:

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The difference is the cleaner head ONLY, and this cleaner head works just fine

Dyson has issued four V6 cordless stick vacuums. What makes this one the least expensive of the four? (The cleaner headthats it.) Any reason you need to / should spring for the top of the line? (Maybe not.) Why not go with this one? (Its really great!) Anything wrong with this one? (NO!)

To get to these reviews, you need to scroll through the product description. So, you should have already seen the comparison chart. You can easily see what each model has compared to the others. But Dyson does not really explain to us what the difference is between a motorized cleaner head and the direct-drive cleaner head that the other three V6 models have. Here is the difference:

I have read that the motorized cleaner head on this model has less power than the other one. Running this cleaner head right next to the direct-drive cleaner headover and over I will add; I have both and I did try to figure it outit was really not apparent that one had more (or less) power than the other…

In fact, the cleaner heads get the same amount of power from the main motor that sits up there next the cyclone and the battery. So, there must be something else going on in the cleaner heads themselvescause it sure is not a difference in power from the power source. (The batteries are the same, the main units are the same, the wands are the same (with the same plug ins), and everything is interchangeable. It is strictly the head that creates the difference.

Im thinking that it is all about how fast and how strongly the inside roller goes. Something in the more-expensive roller head makes it go faster and more forcefully. Well, that does not seem to make any difference in the way I vacuum…

With both heads: I go the same speed pushing forward. I pick up the same amount of crud from my hard floors (kitchen, bathroom, hallways, entrance way, utility room) with either of them. The only thing I did notice: The more expensive roller cleaner head picks up more pile from my carpets. I dont particularly consider that a good thing.

I find suction to be the same on all the V6 models.

About the size of this cleaning head (compared to the direct-drive head): It is the same total width. It has a lower profile (by about ). Working width of the roller is about less. The roller itself has a smaller diameter, but four lines of brush bristles. The direct-drive head has a much larger diameter roller, but three lines of brush bristles.

And, if you have big hairy dogsand I mean BIG dogs, with LOTS of hairand if you are looking for a vacuum to pick up all that hair, this stick vacuum will discourage and disappoint you! It has a small dirt cup. It can fill up with animal hair and carpet pile in minutes.

In general these Dyson cordless stick vacuums are not meant to be your only vacuum–unless you are using it in a tiny apartment or dorm room or small office. It is for touch-ups, or individual rooms, or a certain type of room. While it can clean both bare floors, rugs, hard-to-access spaces, high-up spots and even blinds, curtains, upholstered furniture, plus handle dusting duties, this is not a large capacity vacuum. And it does not work for more than 20 minutes at a time. And it is surely not suited for folks who tackle their vacuuming chores only once-a-month.

Actually, let me take back that last statement: If you are somewhat lackadaisical about your vacuuming and dusting chores, this machine may just turn you into a cleaning fool. You just need to get over that initial hump of emptying the dirt cup constantly until you get your rooms back under control. Because this little machine has more suction power than anything youve ever witnessed. It will find dirt and dust that you had no clue was sitting there next to you or settled in under your feet.

Once you get rid of all the dirt that your previous vacuums left behind, you might just find that this fairly light-weight, easy-to-control-with-one-hand stick vacuum is a joy to use in conjunction with your big upright or canister vacuum. I use this in my kitchen, hallways, utility room and bathrooms. I also use it in all the other rooms to get under furniture and tight places. I also use it with its attachmentsmuch easier than using the attachments on my big vacuum.

I did comparisons between three of these V6 models: There is no difference in power or suction. Nor is there a difference in the batterysame working time, same re-charge time (about four hours). You get the same size cyclone unit and dirt cup on all four models. You do not get a crevice tool, but you do get the combination brush tool. You do NOT get the extra filter on the air expelled after passing through the unit (thats the top-of-the-line model). You do NOT get the other two motorized heads, one for animal fur on upholstery and one for clinging dust under furniture sitting on hardwood floors. You do not get the simple little soft dusting brush either.

NOTE: While these motorized heads work well on carpeting, they may work too well on your carpets. The powerful suction on this vacuum will definitely pull up pile on inexpensive carpeting where the pile is glued and not knotted. Dysons also pull up pile from fine, expensive rugsI notice it happening on some of my newer, thicker pile Oriental rugs. If you realize that your dirt cup fills up in a minute or two while working on rugs, your pile is coming up along with the dirt. Rug fibers in the dirt cup and often hard to dislodge. I end up using a butter knife to work up around the area where the cyclone unit lives inside the dirt cup.

To clean the motorized rotating head, I disconnect and remove it and vacuum it without the wand attached.

My only complaint is this: I wish the handle, where the hand grips it, was a different type of plastic: My hand sweats because the unit does give off some heat. Then my fingers slide and lose some control on the hard, shiny, slippery plastic.

If you have an older Dyson cordless stick vac (like I do) and are considering a new one, these new digital motor V6 models are definitely an upgrade. (Ill try to be short with this, but if you need more detailed info, drop me an email (address is on my Profile Page) or leave a comment belowIll get back to you.) Differences between the older DC-35 and these new digital motor V6 models: The V6 models have: A bigger cyclone, but same size dirt cup; definitely more suction power from a much more powerful and digital motor (and are a bit louder); a longer aluminum pole, by a little more than an inch; a more stable handle/less play in the handle (less wiggly); a more stable battery (no longer easily detachable); a much wider cleaner head(s) re-designed attachment tools, and it is much easier to change click-on/off the attachment tools.

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Best Buy Review by Robert123456 :star::star::star::star::star:

Great product for efficient and powerful handheld

Lets face it, no one likes or enjoys vacuuming, so I personally was looking for something that would be lightweight, efficient, that would get the job done quickly and in the first pass. I am a big fan and user of dysons. I have the larger HEPA traditional stand-up vacuum that I use and leave upstairs for carpet and use the handheld Dyson V6 for down stairs wood floors and rug area. It works great and picks up with lots of suction force so I dont have to do several passes. My only item that would have liked to see improve is the battery life, as I normally vacuum using the 2x strength setting, I really have to run quickly to get everything on the first pass. If not I have to wait -1-2 hours for the recharge. Overall - strongly recommend. Pros: very effective, strong suction, great size for use, storing on wall is great Con: Cost is higher, short battery life (~20 mins) FYI - not associated with any brands or group. Just like clean :-) Hope this help.

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