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  • Our EasyGo hand powered portable washing machine does a great job washing clothes, great for when you just need to wash a few items!
  • Can hold up to 5 pounds of laundry in this clothes washer, excellent for delicate and expensive clothing! Our manual clothes washer has similar features of the laundry pod and is easy to use!
  • Great way to save on water and also long trips to the laundromat for small loads
  • Dimensions are 12" X 16" for this mini washing machine
  • Totally portable small washing machine to take with you camping, boating, vacations or to use in your RV, apartment, or dorm room. Consider a portable washer and dryer as it may be more economical than a normal RV washer dryer combo or a compact washer dryer and obviously much smaller and convenient to take with you!
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I love this compact washer

I love this compact washer. Biggest things I've learned with it are not to let laundry pile up and when doing laundry smaller loads can have better results. I have been hand wringing my clothes and hang drying, using soap nuts for detergent. I have been extremely pleased with results. I have two adults and a 7yr old son in my household.

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