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  • , 7 inches Display
  • Intel Intel Atom 1.2 GHz
  • 16 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory
  • 0.7 pounds
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Walmart Review by Thenilo :star::star::star::star::star:

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Wow! Friendly and educational kid tablet.

I am very impressed by the hardware. Ive owned/seen several tablets in this price range but this one is the best. The quality and texture are great and it doesn't feel cheap. My son is 6 years old. This is now his favorite tablet. He already has the ipad mini (restricted apps), so the transition to this tablet was seamless. He instantly knows how to navigate and play games or shows. I'd say any kid that already used a tablet or smart phone will do the same thing. This tablet is pre-loaded with great goodies like games and kids tv shows. It is already customized for kids straight out of the box. This saved me time installing apps and researching if the apps are appropriate for kids. The pre-loaded shows are also a big plus! In addition it has the standard google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Play Books, YouTube, Movie Studio, Play Games, Vudu, Play Newsstand, Google+, Chrome browser and Google Play (under parent mode). I easily transferred most of his favorite games and apps from his ipad mini to cubby. Overall, it exceeds my expectations. As a parent from set up and especially having the peace of mind that I know what my son is watching and has access to. I couldnt ask for more. The only comment I have is that the booting up takes few minutes, which is not a big deal to me.

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: Ematic Sprout Channel Cubby CUBBY 7" 16 GB Tablet


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Amazon Review by Krystal Curry :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Please stay away from this tablet & Ematic! Bad product & terrible customer support! My husband & I bought 2 tablets for our 3 and 6 year old on Walmart.com for Christmas & from day 1 the chargers did not fit snug and tablets did not charge unless we turned them a certain way & did not touch them. Also, 1.5 months after Christmas, our 6 year old woke up and went to play with her tablet, but the screen was half black & half white. It later turned white with several other colorful lines. I contacted customer support in March & was given a request #. I replied back with all information they requested of me, but never received a response as to what my next step was in order to return the broken tablet and get replacement chargers. So, on 4/13, I called to see what the status was on my request. I was then told that there is a 90 day warranty, but I corrected the representative, Alex, right away because it states 180 days on the warranty card. I was given a new request # and received an email asking for the same information I previously submitted. So, I re-submitted the information, but this time with photos of the tablet. I received another email the next morning stating that I'd be contacted via email within 2 business days. As of today, I haven't gotten a response back yet. I have a really good feeling that they're trying to let my warranty run out, which will be in a little over a week. I'm going to see if they email me by the end of the day, but if not I will be calling them on Monday! I'm VERY disappointed in Ematic and this product & will NEVER buy another product from them or recommend that anybody else purchase their products.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: Ematic Sprout Channel Cubby CUBBY 7" 16 GB Tablet