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Amazon Review by Matt M :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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A fantastic screen with one major flaw

I want to start off positive. First, I think this is the best design I've ever seen for a projection screen. In a segment where there seems to be little to no innovation, this is something different.

When this screen is all folded up, I think it’s far more compact than any of its kind. Primarily it’s shorter, which is a huge deal. I carry this thing around in the back of my SUV, and I’m able to fit it in there width-wise. There’s no other screen this size that can do that, and it’s worth the purchase for that alone.

I disagree with the other reviewers saying this is heavy. It’s lighter than any other screen this size that I’ve used. Perhaps they mean that it’s heavy when inside the case it comes with. If so, then yes, it’s incredibly heavy, but that’s not entirely fair. What other projection screen comes with its own VERY sturdy case? None I know of. The case is clearly designed to stand up to air travel, and I’m sure it could. You have to compare the weight of the screens themselves, and this screen is both a little lighter and more manageable due to its length than others.

The screen is also a breeze to set up. After a few setups and takedowns, I have it to about 30 seconds on either end. It’s EASY!

Now the downside:

The one major gripe I have about this screen is the height adjustment. I never really gathered from the listing here on Amazon or checking it out on Epson’s site, but this thing simply doesn’t rise up much at all. There’s a clamp to release to adjust the height, but at most it only adjusts about 5 inches, and the resulting height maxes out at a level that I don’t feel is nearly high enough. I use this screen weekly in a room that seats about 25-30 people around circular tables. At its highest, the bottom of the screen comes up to the shoulders of the seated people in the room. That means there’s a decent amount of having to look around people’s heads to see the screen. I wish I could get another foot out of it, but it just can’t happen.

Even with that major issue, I still recommend this screen. The price is incredible for what you get, and when folded up, it’s the best shape of any screen I’ve seen.

UPDATE - 11/10/13

So it’s almost two years later, and everything I say in this review holds true. The screen hasn’t received a ton of use so I can’t speak to its durability, but it’s still going strong, and the case is a beast.

As I just now replied in the comments, the measurement from floor to bottom of the screen has a range of 26-30". That’s pretty bad, and still stands as my sole complaint about this screen. It’s preposterously short. I can only assume that allowing the screen to rise any further would weaken the main stem, and since the bulk of the screen’s weight is above the adjustable joint, they decided to minimize the amount of adjustability to be safe. I guess it’s an understandable trade-off to have a screen that folds up so well, but it’s something to consider when purchasing.

I’m not an engineer, so I don’t know what was possible when they designed this screen, but when the stand folds up behind the closed screen, there’s a ton of room between where it clips to the back and the end of the screen. Basically I’m saying they could have made the stand taller, and I think they should have. This screen height is good for home theaters, IMO, not for presentations where people are seated in regular meeting chairs (as opposed to recliners or couches).

Again, this is not enough to ruin the product, which I still think is fantastic. It’s just the only thing keeping me from giving this screen five stars. - Customer Reviews: Epson ES3000 Ultra Portable Projection Screen (V12H002S3Y)


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EPSON V12H002S3Y ES3000 Ultra Portable Projector Screen