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  • Screen Size Range: 50-inches from 4.79 feet
  • 300-inches from 29.36 feet
  • White Brightness: 4400 Lumens
  • Color Brightness: 4400 Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
  • Keystone Correction: Yes
  • Lens Shift: No
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited
  • Lamp Life: Up to 4,000 hours (ECO mode) and up to 3000 hours (Normal mode)
  • Connectivity: HDMI 1/MHL, HDMI 2, Audio 1, Audio 2, Audio R & L, Audio Out, Computer 1, Computer 2, Kensington Security Lock Port, LAN, Monitor Out, RS-232c, USB (Type A), USB (Type B), VideoUSB (Type A), USB (Type B), Video
  • Throw Ratio Range: 1.38 (Zoom: Wide) - 2.28 (Zoom: Tele). Size (projected distance): 50" - 300" (1.46 - 8.95 m) (Zoom: Wide)
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Amazon Review by Dr. Hani T. Almashhadi :star::star::star::star::star:

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This is legit

This projector is amazing. I am not a technical guy so I won't know how to explain in numbers. One thing I know. I bought the BenQ 1080ST and this Epson. I know there is almost a $1000 price difference between them. However those are the ones I wanted to buy. I was hoping the BenQ does a good job during the day like it does during the nite in a dark room but it didn't.

The Epson was so so so bright during the day and I didn’t even close any curtains or shutters. Of course it’s due to its 4400 lumens.

Also it has an input in the back to stream directly from Amazon stick, Roku, iPads iPhones. It’s already out of stock at the Epson site.

I also bought the 100" screen from Amazon for almost $222
Elite Screens ezCinema Series, 100-inch 16:9, Portable Floor Pull Up Projection Screen, Mo…

In short it’s an amazing projector if you can afford it and it’s the latest technology from Epson. I am glad amazon is carrying it already. The pictures below were shot around 2PM in my living room which has 6 large windows bringing lots of light. - Customer Reviews: Epson Home Cinema 1440 1080p 4400 Lumens Color and White Brightness 3LCD Home Theater Projector


thanks :+1:

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Best Buy Review by LiquidSquid :star::star::star::star::star:

Bright, rich color, easy install and setup, quiet.

I purchased the Home Cinema 1440 without any first-hand reviews available on-line simple based on Epson's reputation for reliable office projectors. The 1440 form factor is based off of those office projectors, so it isn't truly a home theater projector from the ground up, but it certainly has the guts of one! I am pleased with my purchase and have enjoyed a few good movies on the setup already. The background story is this is an upgrade from a circa 1997 Sharpvision XV-H37U 3-LCD projector that at the time was state of the art. My old record-sized laser disks looked wonderful on it, but you would need to watch them at night or go through lengths to darken the room due to the low lumens of the projector. Somewhere along the line the bulb blew about 8 years ago, and it wasnt worth fixing it due to bulb expense and that technology was marching on. I ceiling mounted the new projector, and struggled with finding the setting for flipping the image. It wasnt in an intuitive location in the menus. Once found though, it was a breeze setting things up. I then played a Blue-Ray of The Life of PI while setting up the image. All I can say is I was STUNNED at the brightness, color saturation, and resolution of the image. This is on a screen that is 110 diagonal. Something I always liked about 3-LCD projectors is the apparent lack of being able to see individual R,G,B pixels on the output. The colors are blended on top of each other making the output look more like film than a TV. One thing this projector lacks is a very high contrast ratio rating. The assumption is that the far brighter output of this LCD projector requires a different technology to pass more light, so the blacks are not quite as black as some. For me, this isnt an issue as experience shows that a bright high contrast image will splash light around a room and reflect off of the screen negating the need for black in a front projector. The only remedy is a darkly decorated room. So paired up with a new Yamaha RX-A1050 and a bunch of old mis-matched speakers, we watched a Blue-Ray of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Yikes! At the beginning when the old man comes up the stairs with the flashlight to Voldemort, it lights up the room like the flashlight was actually there! And this is in ECO mode to stretch bulb life to 4400 hours as rated. We then watched Despicable Me, and as usual, 3-LCD imagery has great color on animated movies. Pay attention to those Color Lumens people, it is truly a great rating that separates business projectors from Home Theater. Some notes: If you mount the projector with the optics centered on the screen and at the correct distance and height from your screen, you wont need to keystone correct the image so you can maximize the resolution of the unit. Otherwise this projector will down-scale lines digitally, not optically to correct the image. Still, there is plenty of resolution to work with. ECO mode fan noise is very low, on full output the fan spins up faster and it becomes more audible. The projector is mounted directly overhead in our setup. I havent yet figured out how to have the projector turn on and off with the receiver. Many settings to wade through on the receiver still. - Customer Reviews: Epson Home Cinema 1440 1080p 4400 Lumens Color and White Brightness 3LCD Home Theater Projector