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  • 2 seats in 1 removable back for easy transition to a no-back booster
  • One-hand, 6 position height adjustment to accommodate growing children longer
  • Two elastic cup holders
  • Machine washable pad
  • Energy absorbing foam liner provides added safety and comfort
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Amazon Review by Gabe & Lora :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Comfortable and budget friendly

We got this as an alternate carseat for a long trip and for our second vehicle. It was recommended by several car seat technicians for a hbb that is good for long distances and a low back booster for about town/traveling. So far, our kids like it. It's comfortable for the trips around town that we've done and it has the cupholders on both sides. The back is easy to adjust and the whole seat was very simple to put together and we got them put together quickly. The cupholders being elastic is why this didn't get 5 stars

Child 1 using this seat has stated that she doesn’t like the cupholders just being the elastic band, but that she is all right with them for her seat that isn’t her main seat. She does like the height of the arm rests on this one as compared to her other seat though.

Child 2 using this seat likes the arm rests and the pattern, but she likes her other seat better because the top wings come out more and it’s more comfortable to rest her head on. But she does love having cupholders in this one.

So far, these seats have been good to use in our van. Easy to install right and to move around as needed. We haven’t yet tested them out on a long trip, but for about town, they’re working well.

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Walmart Review by Momof2 :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Great booster

My son loves it. So far a great product

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: Evenflo Big Kid High Back Booster Car Seat, Denver