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  • Reilve Your Eye Strain - Quality Bias lighting can help reduce the eye strain caused by long exposures to TV screens and monitors in dark rooms, it can also help make the grays and blacks on your screen seem richer.
  • Easy Installation - 35.4’’ Strip+46.45’’ USB cable, High-brightness 27 quality LEDs, Cut On the Cut Marks (White Lines) on the strips to desired length(As needed)
  • Remove the adhesive backing on the strips
  • Firmly Press the strips to the rear of your tv approx. in the center between top and bottom,then Connect the USB to USB port.
  • Super Sticky Adhesive - The 3M 300MP adhesive(it has better viscosity than 3M 200MP) provides secure and strong installation without worrying about falling off. Attention: Be careful when you remove the adhesive backing tape on the strips, only tear off the Yellow Tape Don’t peel off the Adhesive Sticker with the Yellow Tape together.
  • Control the Light with Remote - Come with 24 key remote controller, has 16 colors, 4 different light control functions. You can use the remote control change the color, the brightness as well as different lighting modes. Wireless range: 50ft.
  • Fit your mood - Customized light kit for 32 to 46 inch HDTV.( NOTE: The Led Light Strip is 35.4 Inch). You can Cut the strip lights With Scissors On the Cut Marks (White Lines) to Fit The Desired Size of Your TV. Use the LED Strip to light up or create festive lights on your monitor, TV, or furniture. Choose from solid colors, strobes, or cycling colors to fit your mood! You can easily swap between colors and lighting modes using the remote control.
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Love them. Thank you!!!

Set up a return almost as soon as I got them. The remotes for both of the strips I ordered were defective and do not change to the right color according to the remote. The red button makes it blue, green button makes it red and the blue changes it to green. I've tested them on multiple TV's and monitors and they still wouldn't change to the right colors. I am very disappointed.


I am leaving my original review here to show how much of a salty customer I was. The seller contacted me within hours of my review and sent me instructions on how to troubleshoot the lights. They are working perfectly now and I couldn’t be happier. The light is vibrant and the colors are beautiful. I’m giving the product itself a 4 out of 5 and giving it a +1 for the customer service. Thank you so much!

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