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  • Three “grow-with-me” levels of play: explore, jam-along music & game play
  • Pegs light up and make fun sounds when baby taps them with the hammer
  • Pegs pop back up when baby presses the purple button
  • Percussion sounds and upbeat music help stimulate baby’s senses
  • Grasping the hammer and Tapping the pegs encourage motor skill development and eye-hand coordination
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Amazon Review by June Shepard :star::star::star::star::star:

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Age appropriate and what we were looking for

I was looking for a reactionary toy for the little one, you know, push the button and something happens. I saw this at a local toy store, and it was waaay over priced. So of course, Amazon we the next place I checked. The first one we purchased, broke. Big brother and little brother played with it for about 10 minutes and one of the buttons broke. Contacted Amazon, and they sent a replacement within 2 days. It's one of the favorite toys in the house. It always catches his attention, and he loves the buttons and lights. The little one isn't gentle with it, and slaps down the buttons fairly aggressively. As with most Fisher Price toys, it's sturdy. We don't use the hammer that it comes with, the little one prefers to just wave that around, menacingly. - Customer Reviews: Fisher-Price Tappin' Beats Bench


Walmart Review by Amanda :star::star::star::star::star:

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Great gift

I purchased this toy as a birthday gift for a 1 year old. She loved the music and lights. - Customer Reviews: Fisher-Price Tappin' Beats Bench


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