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  • FORWARD COLLISION WARNING - Alerts if you drive too close to the car ahead (Dash Cam 35 only).
  • RED LIGHT & SPEED CAMERA WARNINGS - Alerts you to nearby red light cameras or speed cameras (Dash Cam 35 only).
  • INCIDENT DETECTION - G-Sensor automatically saves footage of incidents on impact.
  • SNAPSHOT - Allows you to take still images, from inside or outside your vehicle, to capture close-up collision damage.
  • DASH CAM PLAYER - Play back footage right on the display, or use our free Dash Cam Player to review later on your computer.
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Amazon Review by R. N. French :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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A good dash cam with some design issues, and the traffic camera notification costs extra.

Overall this is a very solid dash cam. As background, I've had a Garmin Dash Cam 20 for about a year. I'm putting that camera in my wife's car and I bought the 35 for mine. I'm a big fan of Garmin products. The build quality is very good, the unit is compact and lightweight and setup is quick and easy. Video quality at 1080P is excellent and the camera adjusts to changes in light conditions smoothly and well. Night videos are clear and usable. This is a good, reliable choice if you want a no hassle dash cam.

So why just three stars? Garmin did some fairly boneheaded things with this unit. As many others have noted, the US version of this product has no audio recording capability. My Dash Cam 20, which Garmin still sells, can record audio and it can be turned on and off in the setup software. If you live in Europe it comes with a microphone. Why on earth Garmin would remove the feature is beyond me. Perhaps someone from Garmin’s Automotive Marketing team, who are surely not liking the ratings this product is getting here, will comment and enlighten us.

Another design flaw with this camera is the mount. On my Dash Cam 20, the ball mount socket is on the top of the unit. On the 35, they put it right next to the lens. The ball on the suction mount that Garmin sells snaps into the socket just fine (both are 17mm) but because of the placement of the socket, the suction mount itself partially blocks the lens. This isn’t a problem with the included adhesive mount, but if you want a Garmin suction mount you’re out of luck. I actually called Garmin customer service to ask about this before I bought the unit and was told it would work just fine. And it does, if you don’t mind losing about 40% of the field of view of the camera.

I liked the idea of having the red light camera and speed camera notification. It’s not a big deal for my commute, but it’s a nice feature. I assumed it would work out of the box. Fortunately, I read the product FAQ on Garmin’s website and found out that it’s a subscription service that has to be activated and paid for separately, at $29.95 per year. The sales copy doesn’t explicitly say it’s included (like the free map updates that have been included on Garmin GPS’s for years) but it also doesn’t let you know that it’s extra. That’s not the kind of honest marketing I expect from Garmin.

These are all unforced errors on Garmin’s part. This is a good product from an engineering standpoint but it does not live up to the high design standards I expect from Garmin. And the head fake on the camera notification is really inexcusable for a reputable company like Garmin - Customer Reviews: Garmin Dash Cam 35


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Best Buy Review by Jheily :star::star::star::star::star:

Excellent dash cam features and quality for price!

This dash cam provides nearly all the features one would look for in a device designed for driver safety. The display can be set to dim or stay live. On the display bottom, and display recording, are the date and time, gps location and vehicle speed. Essential if being used in defense of your driving. The dash cam also provides collision avoidance that can be adjusted to your liking and a red light camera notification.

The greatest feature I found was the recording. When I press the video record button, the dash cam records the previous 1 1/2 minutes and continues to record for an additional 1 1/2 minutes. This does create a rather large mp4 file around 180MB but can be easily edited. There is also a snapshot button that allows pics to be taken for additional accident information.

A suction cup holder would be nice if it were included but the unit does come with an adhesive mount. Also the SD card is only 4GB which can record two events without overwriting.

I drive semi over the road, which can be rough, but the image quality is excellent. I can take the SD card and insert in my tablet and view the video with no additional software. I can pause the video and pinch zoom to read license plates. Can’t ask for anything more! - Customer Reviews: Garmin Dash Cam 35