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  • ability to hook up multile electronics through one port
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Amazon Review by Willow Leaf :star::star::star::star::star:

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A Perfect Fix for Televisions with Insufficient HDMI Inputs

This device works perfectly for televisions that don't have enough HDMI inputs. Our television had 2 game systems and a satellite hooked up, and we found ourself without any additional HDMI inputs. This device fixes that problem. It is extremely simple to set up, is small and inconspicuous. You connect the devices that you want to access by HDMI to the switch and hook the switch to one of your TV inputs. You will need to obtain the extra HDMI cord as one is not included with your purchase. A USB to micro USB cord is included. There is no need to plug the switch to an electrical outlet. It works directly off the television and devices. We needed the switch in order to add an Apple TV and everything worked perfectly. We were very pleased. - Customer Reviews: GE 3 Device HDMI Switch - 11701


Walmart Review by Angie :star::star::star::star::star:

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Good Buy, USB Drawback (HDMI cord NOT included)

This is definitely a good buy if you need extra HDMI ports. If you have a USB port on your TV and want to use that option since the HDMI cord is sold seperately, check your USB port on your TV before purchasing this item. Some TVs have USB ports that are fully functional like a computer does, then there are those TVs that do not. My TV's USB port is a limited one, the only thing that will work in the USB port is a memory stick, removeable junk drive or a video camera with jpeg still pctures or very short videos. If you want to use the USB port on your TV to hook the HDMI switch into, check your TV's owner manual to make sure it will work before you buy. - Customer Reviews: GE 3 Device HDMI Switch - 11701


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