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  • A Daydream-ready phone, such as Pixel
  • Unlock the world of virtual reality with an immersive VR headset.
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Amazon Review by CoreyZ :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Looks great, but a pretty big immersion breaking design [UPDATED]

*see below for updates*

To start, I received this from Google after ordering my Pixel XL, but reviews are reviews, right? I really want to like this. I was (and still am excited) to try and use it. I have gripes, however and you might as well. The positives first. I love the feel and look. It is super comfortable, and strap adjustment is a breeze. Its extremely lightweight, with only a bit of heft when your device is added. The remote is very intuitive, and easy to use while remembering which button is which. There are a total of five buttons, one being a track pad. Using the remote is easy enough, however I have noticed a bit of “floating” of the cursor during use in certain apps, most particularly the Movies and TV app. Attempting to re-sync the control did not help. Also, make sure your screen is COMPLETELY clean, as the viewer will magnify any dirt/debris and it becomes super noticeable, almost immersion breaking. Visually, for being processed with the phone the picture is clear, with very minimal lag (which I attribute to bugs, or newness if that makes sense)

My biggest gripe and the reason so far for only giving three stars, is how the device sits on your face. If you look at the viewer, you can see the headstraps sit fairly high on the device. When you put it on, this causes the bottom of the device to pull away from your face, allowing light and real life to break in, causing for massive immersion break. You can tighten the strap, however it becomes uncomfortably tight when you finally manage to block out real life. I really want to like this, but having to adjust it to head squeezing tight is just not fun. YMMV, however due to head size. I will continue testing the features and device, and hopefully return with updates.


I’m kicking this up a star, as I have had some more time to play and figure out that it was my own issue for the immersion break. As someone commented, I was most likely placing the straps in the wrong position. You do not want to put this on like normal goggles, but instead you want to place the strap fairly high on your head. This for some physics-defying reason allows the headset to sit lower on your face and allow for a better seal. I’m pretty sure dark magic is involved. I did notice that after an extended session, my phone was quite warm to the touch, however after closing the app completely it cooled down rather fast. I have definitely had this grow on me, and am looking forward to using it further. - Customer Reviews: Google Daydream View - VR Headset (Slate)


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Google Daydream View VR headset review


Best Buy Review by Andy :star::star::star::star::star:

Great value, great experience!

First off, there is nothing better than picking up new technology and having multiple free options to enjoy. Much like the PS VR, there is many free apps that allow the product to shine. That being said adverage spending on a game is less than 5 bucks. I can't complain. VR is still too new to criticize every bad app, but to see new releases each time I put it on keeps me happy. Strongly recommend to all who want to be on the inside, any VR users knows exactly what I'm talking about. - Customer Reviews: Google Daydream View - VR Headset (Slate)