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Walmart Review by LeeMT :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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My first smartphone and I love it.

Have had no issues with this phone. Installed apps from the phone itself and directly at the Google Play website from my computer, with no problems. The only reason I do not give it five stars is, unlike my previous flip-phone, this Tracphone device does not give you your minutes and service balance. For that, you must go to the Tracfone website, and even though you can get your balance there, it still sends you a text, which does cost you. Unlike my old flip-phone, you do not have the option of deleting texts without opening them and getting charged for them. Transferring my old number to the new phone was easy, the recording said it would take from an hour to a full day. There was no notification from either phone when the transfer/activation was complete, so I have no idea how long it took - maybe a couple of hours? Instructions for phone use lack detail, I self-taught myself most of its functions. Still, a great phone and great value from Walmart. - Customer Reviews: Huawei Glory Android Cell Prepaid Phone (TracFone)


Amazon Review by PappyLove :star::star::star::star::star:

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I use Amazon extensively but like the easy return options at Wallys (a last resort

Not sure what you get that makes this worth a couple of Benjemins when our stripped Glory was a single Grant but here is the info we can offer.

Im no cell expert but have some info on the service providers that may be helpful.
First a note about the Huawei Glory. I use Amazon extensively but like the easy return options at Wallys (a last resort, love hate relationship). They have it at half price, making it a super value.

Good customer support and a good phone

Biggest problem is the on-screen keyboard. Even laid landscape my small size 8 fingers hit wrong keys about 1 of 4 entries. A stylus is a must for me. A 32GB SD is less than ten bucks from our Asian friends, making the total package unbeatable unless you are a hi-dollar, gadget freak… This is my 6th cell and am happy with the technology strides over the years.

Our experience with service providers: Although Tracfone is new to us, I am impressed, with their support, the phone and with their flexible system of refill cards. Not a major cell phone user, we wanted a cost effective, flexible no contract phone. In our opinion Tracfone is the best available and here is why.

We have used US Cellular, T-Mobile and Tracone as no contract and Verizon, AT&T and Sprint as contract. But this only concerns our experience with the three no-contract folks.

First US Celular: as their dealer they cost me almost $200 and it was a bitter learning experience in dealing with a company that does not give a toot about people. I cannot recommend them in any way.

T-Mobile has poor reception in our area of N.C. but our main problems are their incredibly poor customer support and refill plan. When they changed their refill system it wound up costing us almost $300 in lost minutes. There was no sympathy and no recourse. We cannot recommend then

Tracfone has a plan that eliminates all of the problems we had with T-Mobile. Their support folks have been great. The contract companies are easy to deal with but we are retired and cannot afford their high monthly cost.

Last is Magic Jack. Although not a cell phone provider, their broadband Internet phone service is an objectionable, alternative for some folks. Their auto renewal system gives dishonest information and should be reported to the government Do we recommend them or is there a better alternstive? The answer is NO and YES. We used MJ for three years before learning of VoIP. If you have hi speed Internet, VoIP is a cost effective way to get good low-cost phone service.

We found that the lowest cost system is to buy an OBI HAI VoIP interface device (Amazon has great prices). Get the cheapest one for simple home use. Obihai has several service providers that discount to ObiHai owners. Their service is cheaper and better than MJ. Also our provider, PhonePower, has very nice, Calif based support. NOTE We recommend at least a 5mip Internet broadband. - Customer Reviews: Huawei Glory Android Cell Prepaid Phone (TracFone)


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