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    :star::star::star::star::halfstar: by 278 customers
    4.3 out of 5


  • FULL SIZE, TRI-FOLDING KEYBOARD: Compact design with full standard-size keys, allowing user-friendly typing experience.Can be folded into of the size, making it easily portable. Convenient and lightweight
  • iOS, WINDOWS & ANDROID COMPATIBILITY:Built-in Broadcom Bluetooth module with an operating range of 10 meters for iOS Windows Android Smartphone PC Tablet
  • WIRED & WIRELESS MODES: Easily connect both your wireless device and your PC with the keyboard simultaneously and switch between them with ease.
  • COLOR-CHANGING BACKLIT: Users can choose from red, blue, or green, at two brightness levels. These make the keys easy to see in a variety of situations, from a dimly-lit classroom to a dark airplane cabin
  • ERGONOMIC & DURABLE DESIGN: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy texture for superior durability. Balance stand to keep keyboard flat while typing. Designed for your fingertips for a better typing experience.
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Amazon Review by Programmer from TN :star::star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Started good, deteriorated within a day to unusable with lost keypresses.

As a programmer, I use keyboard a lot, and I wanted something more portable for on-the-go sessions with my tablet and cell phone. I bought a bunch of keyboards to try and find the right one.

This one was looking pretty promising here, but did not cut it in the end.

First the good stuff:

  • Works as USB keyboard too
  • Fits into my jeans back and front pockets (And it’s even pretty comfortable in the back one)
  • Long usb cable.
  • Backlight (for when you need it)
  • Labels nicely etched into key caps.
  • Full size - matches keys size and placement (mostly) of the regular BT keyboards like an Apple one.
  • Pretty good key travel.
  • Does not slip on the table despite my original fears.
  • In “Win” mode F keys work by default (not every clone gets this right).

Not so good sides:

  • The right most and left most columns are finicky and you just need to press them in a right spot for them to register, this include ESC and Enter keys, also some of the arrow keys. (common problem of this kind of keyboard, though not every one of them apparently).
  • The “wings” of this keyboard “hang in the air” a bit (see pictures) even when you use the keyboard end-stoppers,they don’t quite touch the surface. This results in some annoying jumpiness. (other clones don’t have this problem).
  • Flat, no tilt like on e.g. Apple BT keyboard makes this a bit less comfortable to type on

Like with all keyboards, I tried to use it for a whole day to see how it works. First half a day was mostly good (needed to be careful with the Enter and ESC), but then all of a sudden is started to miss keystrokes. Not just an occasional missed letter here and there, but whole sequences of them. Here is an example:
“andjob rts at 00:15 local time” where it was supposed to be “and job starts at 00:15 local time”. This became super bad real fast and I was forced to discontinue its use about 3/4 through the day.

These problems is what makes me not to recommend it to anyone even though the idea is pretty good. There are other clones that I tried that work better if you don’t need the backlight, e.g. the LDX one.

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