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    4.1 out of 5


  • 3-step cleaning system brings a deeper clean on carpet.
  • Advanced powerful motor with Max mode lets A4 pick up more dirt effortlessly.
  • Automatically docks and recharges, convenient programable schedue.
  • Motorized low profile body with tangle free sensors avoids stuck or drop off.
  • Up to 120mins working time delivered by high capacity fade-free battery.
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Amazon Review by Ang C :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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One of the best purchases I have ever made

 This little guy is simply amazing...but does have a few flaws.

First off, I have the younger (or is it older?) brother of this model, the ILIFE V3s so I will be comparing most points to that model.

While the V3s is already a really great vacuum, this guy is better in every way. The V3s is around $160 and this is $199. I would say definitely shell out the extra $40 to get this guy instead.

Here’s some basic cleaning mode info on this vacuum first (all modes shown in video): Spot mode (when you need to clean a specific spot, just put the vac there, press the spiral button on the remote, and it will keep rotating out in a spiral to clean), Manual mode by remote control (you can control the vac by pressing the directional buttons on the remote control), Auto mode (cleans automatically by going in a random path, this can also be scheduled to run on a daily basis at a specific time), Edge mode (cleans along the edges of your home when you put it near a wall and press the Edge button. After running through the perimeter of your home once, it will go back to the base and auto dock.)

Now onto the details…


  • Sleeker looking, faster, more powerful, and shorter (by about maybe .5" or so) than the V3s. Due to the shorter height, it goes under couches and other low furniture easily. With the older model, our couch was juuuust high enough for the vacuum to go through but if someone was sitting on the couch at the time, it would get stuck because the couch would droop a little due to the added weight.

  • SPEED. It moves around much faster than the V3s and because of this, it can cover more ground.

  • Amazing battery life. Rated 120min to 150min but actual time was ~180min(!!). MUCH better than the V3s (80-90min). Due to the huge battery life, it can clean my entire 960sqft apt with no problems. It’s insane.

  • Larger dust bin (see pic) than the V3s, which of course means it can hold a lot more dirt, hair, etc. Also means you don’t have to empty out the bin as much.

  • Ability to go slower when on rugs to allow for deeper suction. It knows when it goes over a rug and will move slower and turn up the suction power. For certain rugs/mats, it will go to the edge of it, back up, and clean most, if not the entire rug, before getting off. (Note: this only seemed to work on one of my bathmats, which was made out of a sorta soft fleecey material). It actually
    knew where the edges were! I have a feeling it is able to do this because of the anti-fall sensor that prevents it from falling down edges or stairs.

  • Turns are better than the V3s, makes sharper turns, and able to adjust itself around different sized corners. It knows to adjust its turn midway around a corner or table/chair leg depending on how big the corner or leg is, WITHOUT bumping into it first.

  • Runs extremely quiet, almost whisper quiet. I’m not sure why the reviews for the V3s are saying its super quiet, because it is not. This model however, really is super quiet. Except when in…

  • Max mode (which the V3s does not have). Max mode picks up a lot more dust/hair/etc. but is MUCH noisier (see video) due to the suction running at max power. You will definitely be able to hear it in another room so I don’t recommend using it at night while sleeping. I’m also assuming it lowers the runtime due to the extra power usage. I’m not sure though because I never timed it while it ran in max mode.

  • 3 point of contacts to the floor, 2 rotating brushes and a brush roll. V3s only has 2 points of contact (rotating brushes) and no brush roll.

  • Smart enough that when it bumps into something while going straight, it will go around it, then continue going straight, instead of wandering off in another direction. This doesn’t happen all the time but does happen enough to deserve a mention.

  • Has larger wheels than the V3s so it is able to go over higher thresholds like the transition between a hallway into the bathroom. I have a quartz transition strip (.75" high) separating the hallway from the bathroom. The V3s was never able to go over this strip but the A4 has no issues. It rolls over the strip like a mini tank. It will also transition from hardwood floors to low-pile rugs with absolutely no issues. I can’t speak for shaggy rugs though because I don’t have any.

  • Auto docks a lot better than V3s. Out of almost 2 weeks of usage, it was only not able to dock on its own, ONCE.

  • Never snagged on anything… well, except one thing, which I will mention below in CONS.


  • Squeaky wheels when turning (you can hear it in the video). It might’ve been because the rubber wheels were brand new and were going against my hardwood floors but the wheels would squeak every time it made a turn. I’ve noticed it less now over time though.

  • Bumps into things pretty hard, harder than the V3s did. The noise when it bumps into something hard is pretty loud (you can hear it in the video). However, this is most likely due to the fact that it moves much faster than the V3s. Not a huge deal but it can be kinda jarring at first.

  • No microfiber mop, compared to the V3s. I missed it at first but I’m fine with it now because the dust and gunk that gets caught in the mop will just probably end up being scraped off when it goes over rugs anyway. Not to mention, I don’t think it would work well over carpet.

  • Still not that smart. It still bumps into things randomly and has a random cleaning path. Watching it clean can sometimes be frustrating because it doesn’t clean in a pattern and can’t “learn” or remember the layout of your home. However, I did notice it’s somewhat smarter than the V3s because it won’t repeatedly clean the same area over and over nearly as much.

  • Doesn’t recognize table and chair legs all that well like it does with walls and other larger objects. When it approaches walls or large objects, it will slow down, not bump into it, and turn another direction. With chair/table legs, it does not know how to do this. Not sure why though. Maybe the density or size of the legs is not significant enough? I wish it would recognize these legs though because this is where it mostly creates the loud noise when it bumps.

  • Doesn’t recognize dark colored objects well. This is very apparent when running in Edge mode. If you have white colored floor moldings, it will travel in a straight line along the edge but when it gets to dark objects, it will start to go off track and bump into the object to correct itself.

  • Not easy to empty the dust bin. When you take out the bin, there is a big opening that’s just exposed. The opening does not have a cover so if you tilt the bin downwards while pulling it out, you will risk spilling everything out. Also, when opening up the bin and tossing the dirt in the garbage can, the dust will just fly everywhere. Popping out the filter will also cause dust to fly everywhere. I absolutely HATE it when after I vacuum and emptying out the dust bin just ends up causing the dust to fly out again. The only solution I have found for this is to carefully dump out any large or hard objects caught in the bin, then use a damp paper towel to wipe over the dusty filter first, then washing the whole thing in the sink, instead of just banging it against the garbage can to shake out the dust.

  • While Max mode cleans very well, it ended up damaging one of our rugs. It snagged on a loose thread on one of the corners and pulled at it until the thread got all tangled up in the brush, wheels, and brush roll (see pic). It was partly our fault though because that corner was already damaged and we never bothered to fix it. However, the V3s never did anything like this and the A4 also did not do this while on regular mode. Just make sure you have no loose, or even semi-loose things that can get snagged while running Max mode because this thing will eat it up.

All in all though, I still can’t believe that this vac is able to perform so well, especially at this price point. There are so many other similar models out there but they all have bad to ok reviews only. There’s also another model out there (the Anker one) that looks pretty much exactly like this one. If you look at the pics side by side, you can see that the only difference is the color. However, the A4 has a bigger battery. They both cost the same but the ILIFE A4 is definitely the better buy, even though Anker is a better known name. I have a feeling Anker copied ILIFE though because Anker is not known for making robo vacs, while ILIFE has been in this business for years. In the world of robotic vacuums, I think ILIFE is in a solid 3rd place, right after iRobot and Neato. But if you factor in the price, I would say its actually in 1st place. - Customer Reviews: ILIFE A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Titanium Gray