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  • 8-25 pounds or 3.6 to 11.3 kgs
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Washable and wipeable fabric
  • Padded head support for the baby
  • Adjustable fit side straps for comfortable baby carrying
  • 8-25 lbs / 3.6-11.3 kgs
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Amazon Review by D. Dunlap :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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For the price, this is great... for short time periods.

My wife has one of the super expensive carriers... and it's covered in flowers and butterflies and wonderful baby colors. To put it simply I hate it. Yes, I know, I shouldn't care how it looks... but c'mon, can you blame me for being less than thrilled in walking around in something that looks like it was borrowed from Tinker Bell? With our vacation fast approaching I found this carrier and decided for the price (and good reviews) I would give it a shot...


-I’m happy to be seen in public wearing this carrier.
-It bears repeating… the price!
-Compact, it folds up really small and can be kept conveniently in the car, or in my case in our umbrella stroller which actually folds up with this carrier in it.
-Dual facing positions… since it was a vacation, I was hoping our daughter could see out.
-With the side clips, it’s easy to get baby in and out of the carrier.


-In my opinion, this carrier is best when only used in short durations. After 30-40 minutes tops, it’s time for her to come out for several reasons: 1) Longer than that and I think the way she is positioned, especially in the outward looking set up, doesn’t support her weight as evenly as you might hope and she starts to get uncomfortable. 2) Not the best strap set up. Longer use bothered my back. I could carry her in my arms longer without that happening. The straps adjust, so not sure I’m ready to say being 6’2" was the problem, but if others that aren’t as tall don’t have the back complaint, then maybe I’d chalk it up to that. 3) Granted we were in Florida, but she got very hot in the carrier. I would get her out of there just to air her out.


There were several 5 star reviews for this carrier, and for the price, it’s hard not to love. That said, if something is a great price doesn’t really matter to the baby. I don’t regret the purchase and I think the carrier is quite useful, but for me, this will just be for short time periods. A quick run to the store, or in conjunction with the stroller on a trip. From my experience, I would not recommend this carrier if you were thinking you were going to just keep your baby in it for long periods of time… say the duration of a Disney trip or similar. That said, for this price and for specific needs, this carrier works well and I’ll get my share of use out of it. - Customer Reviews: Infantino Swift Classic Carrier, Black


Walmart Review by vtgirl110 :star::star::star::star::star:

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I like my carrier a lot. It is great value for the money and totally suits my needs for my 2 1/2 mth old son. My only complaint is that you have to pull it over your head to get it on and off- there is no way to unbuckle it to get it off- which is kind of a pain sometimes but it's a minor detail. For 20 bucks, I am very satisfied. - Customer Reviews: Infantino Swift Classic Carrier, Black