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  • Folds up compactly for storage or travel in 2 easy steps
  • Sit and Play, Tummy Time and Overhead Discovery
  • Large peek-a-boo mirror entertains baby
  • Includes 4 linkable toys
  • Plush prop to up pillow is great for tummy time play
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Amazon Review by Becky :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Lots of pros and several minor cons

I bought the "boy" version of the gym for my three-month-old girl because I needed a second gym that will be easy to transport when we are visiting family etc. My daughter LOVES it and it became our primary gym. If you are OK with the minor cons described below, this is the best deal around.


  • My baby loved playing in it, the colors are wonderful and the toys are cute. She played in it till she was 4.5 months and then continued to play with the toys separately from the gym. It really helped her learn to roll over from her back to the tummy
  • Some people complain about the quality but I see no problems. Maybe they had defective models? The surface mat is thick and pleasant, I washed it according to the instructions and it is just fine.
  • Easy to assemble. Takes a minute of your time and is sturdy.
  • Compared to other models – very compact when folded. I could take it with me when we go to a place she needs to spend an day with me outside home.
  • Lots of ways to hang the toys, two levels, and rings that allow you to hand other toys as well
  • Non breakable mirror included
  • It is both a pro and a con – the mat is small (exactly as depicted in the pictures). So if you want something compact for your tiny living room it is perfect. I have no troubles with this.

CONS (in the order I personally consider it as a problem):

  • You can wrap the mat around the toys and secure it with the strap. This is a great idea, but for some reason they designed it such that you must wrap the mat such that the upper side of the mat faces OUT – to the dirt etc, while the side that lies on the floor will face the toys! When I want to transport the gym, I end up wrapping the whole thing in another blanket to protect the mat from the outside world,and place the mat on this blanket so that the bottom side of the mat does not get dirty and then touch the toys when I pack it again.
  • It is not as compact as it appears from the picture that shows it folded. I took it with us when we had to stay over night outside home, but would not bring it with me for just an hour at friends, for example.
  • The rings design is hard to disassemble. So it takes a few extra minutes to hang or change the position of the toys. A bit annoying.
  • The faces of the animals appear only on one side. It is more realistic this way, but if you hang the toy the wrong way (or re-position the baby) the infant cannot see the faces.
  • It does not have a musical element but I am personally totally fine with this. Just to let you know – no musical giraffes as some reviews sate. Nothing on batteries etc.
  • The mirror is a non-breakable, bending reflective surface. So the reflection is has an effect of a carnival mirror. But it is safe and still fun.
  • The gym arrived without one piece (the pillow) and Amazon allowed me to choose between partial refund or return/exchange of the gym. When I called the company they said they are out of these pillows but said they can send a different pillow that would not match the set, because they are out of these pillows. So they have great customer service and Amazon have generous policy, I just wish they could pack it all together at the first place. - Customer Reviews: Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy


Walmart Review by SummerSet2011 :star::star::star::star::star:

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Not Over Stimulating

So many play mats are too bright and can cause the babies to get over stimulated but this mat is PERFECT! Its darker colors and simple toys make it a great place to play that my 4 month old has used since birth. I got additional rings and hanging toys to change them out occasionally to keep it new and interesting. The pillow is a little small and squishy to be used for decent support but my child likes to hold it and chew on it or hug it. The mirror points down a little too much if placed low but perfect when placed mid range. I LOVE how I can lift it up from the top and it folds up as I walk with it then I can place it down and it flatens out while I am holding my child so I dont need two hands. - Customer Reviews: Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy


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