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  • With a 170 degree field of view, record videos in outstanding 1080p and 720p, and record audio with a built-in high quality microphone. Capture 14PM still, burst-shot, and time lapse images.
  • The iON Air Pro Camera is extremely durable and waterproof WITHOUT a case up to 10 meters/30 feet.
  • Storage: Micro SD/Micro SDHC minimum class 6, recommended class 10 up to 32gb (not included). Battery life: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Wi-Fi PODZ included to enable Shoot/Share functionality allowing real time upload to social media platforms
  • Compatible with all iON Accessories and Mounts.
  • Apple and Android App allows you to check your camera’s content from your smart device, or upload straight to cloud or social media sites in seconds-without ever touching your camera. Shoot in HD, Share in Real-Time.
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Walmart Review by DaChupacabra :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Great camera for the price.

I bought this camera for my 13 year old for his B-Day who plays inline skate hockey, rides MX, BMX, skateboarding and air-softing. This camera is small and light so it doesn't get in the way. Has a good battery lifespan and can use the 32GB SD card for massive storage. The coolest feature is the WiFi capability. You can view what you recorded on tour smartphone, tablet and PC right then and there. You can see even more on an iPhone and Android. Battery life for one. The only thing I wish they would have thrown in the box is the helmet mount and adhesive. Mine came with a bike mount though so I can't complain a whole lot. But $30 for the helmet mount is excessive. - Customer Reviews: Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera


Amazon Review by Sean C. Courtney :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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Good camera but it has (livable) flaws - and Mac users must RTFM!

For what I paid (I got this thing dirt cheap), I'm happy with what I got: - Really good graphic quality - Very easy operation - Easy to carry around

It does have its issues though:

  • Setup can be a pain. If you want your videos and pictures to have the correct date/time stamp, you need to connect your camera to a computer and run a setup utility.
  • It needs semi-frequent resets…on days when I really have my heart set on recording sometimes I’ll flip the camera on and get that never-ending vibration that tells you you need to find a paperclip and reset the thing
  • It needs frequent recharging…case in point, sometimes I like to video my bike commute to work, which is about 45 minutes. On the return trip if I don’t recharge, I get maybe two, three minutes of juice.
  • This is advertised as a helmet cam. You get a decent number of accessories, including a wifi adapter. You also get a mounting kit that will seemingly help you easily mount the camera on your handlebars (and it works very well, just takes a LONG time to tighten the thing!) and the mount will work with seemingly EVERYTHING including your pet duck…EXCEPT YOUR HELMET. You need to buy a separate mounting bracket for your helmet EVEN THOUGH THIS IS ADVERTISED AS A HELMET CAMERA!
  • Having said that, the mounting bracket is metal, but the mount on the camera itself is plastic. If you’re lucky, this will last you maybe ten uses before you strip the thread and have to hack in your own metal nut.

But seriously, it seems like I have more complaints than positives, but the truth is, I’m still glad I have this camera. For what I paid (which must have been a “discontinued product” price) I feel I got a really, really good deal.

HEADS-UP TO MAC USERS: To run the Mac software, you need to visit Ion’s web site and download the Mac software. DO NOT RUN THE MAC SOFTWARE FROM YOUR COMPUTER: you will get error messages saying the camera isn’t connected. YOU NEED TO RUN THE SOFTWARE FROM THE MEMORY CARD THAT IS IN YOUR CAMERA. And your camera must be connected. And the memory card must be in your camera. I’ve seen a lot of people trash this camera because they couldn’t get the Mac software running, but if they would only READ THE DOCUMENTATION, they’d understand why it wouldn’t work!! - Customer Reviews: Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera


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