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  • Ion Audio iPA56D Block Rocker Portable Bluetooth Speaker System with USB Charger and Wheels and Handle for Transport - (Discontinued by Manufacturer). Powerful 50-Watt speaker system with high-quality woofer and tweeter speakers for enhanced dynamic range and sound clarity|Streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device up to 100 feet away|Easy Pair links your NFC-enabled smartphone with a simple tap*|USB power bank for charging|Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 50 hours
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Love the idea. Many flaws.

Love the ease of transportability. I am a children's entertainer, so I thought that this would be perfect instead of always finding a long extension cord for my outdoor parties and block parties. I listen to it around the house, radio only, and haven't even come close to running the battery down. Or gyms that are loud and I really need the extra boost. Here's the problems that I found:
  1. The wheels are convenient, but really should be larger. When walking with it any distance it tips.
  2. Bluetooth is terrible and useless. It looses it’s range when you are about 6 feet away. What’s the point?
  3. The bass isn’t adjustable. When the volume is cranked on current songs, the bass overpowers it. I do like bass and volume, but this is bad.
  4. The microphone is worthless. My little portable waist PA system is much louder. This doesn’t even give me enough volume to use for anything.
  5. There are no presets for the radio, so it defaults back to the lowest numbers. Great for NPR since it’s a low number.

Here are the positives:

  1. You can charge your sound system while it plays, as long as you aren’t using Bluetooth.
  2. It’s pretty sturdy and durable
  3. Love that it has an expandable handle for moving around.

Bottom line. If you don’t care about adjusting the bass, want something portable and want something with a long internal battery life, then this is for you.
If you need bluetooth to work, really good volume and a microphone to work with it, this isn’t for you.

I went back and forth trying to decide whether to rate this with 2 or 3 stars, I picked 3 stars because for the right person it may be perfect. It just isn’t right for me. I need all of the functions to work for my needs. - Customer Reviews: ION Audio Block Rocker (iPA56D) | Portable Bluetooth Speaker with USB Charger and Wheels & Handle for Transport [2014 Model]


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